Sunday, February 28, 2016

United States Export Import - my common observations

Basically, in my lifelong experience with international business;- the average U.S. Citizen thinks that the Export Import world is Brand new. They forget the inception of the USA as an independent nation. They forget the Boston tea party and Marco Polo & the historical Silk Road. And some have never heard of the Diamond path, or know of old trading between Japan and Korea long ago which resulted In a special coin minted in 1710. For some reason this history and more is dismissed from thought in the average USA citizen's mind. Trade to them is sliding a plastic card that calculates debt and tracks it in exchange for goods from abroad. 

•Most of them want to kill people who mention Ex-Im and rob us. 
•They literally think that Asia is their personal slave labor, regardless of governments or family legacies. This is much like their environmentalists advocating to save USA environment but it's ok if they trash China to buy their baby toys and goods.
•They want all the money themselves and don't understand the privledge of doing trade with other Countries. 
•USA views international trade as Their own "gift" to the world.
•They view this behavior as being blessed and Godly, like a child who consumes all the cakes and candies around and crying for more after stricken with an upset stomach.
• in today's world those motivated to make money are Special Ops US military and only want to promote the sale of guns in foreign countries as their own brand of exported terrorism.