Saturday, February 06, 2016

Trans Pacific Protocol - Japan/ USA

Today I read the news, after heeding the calls of the Universe to quit my job and duck out of commoner site till Feb 4th, 2016. Today is Feb 5, 2016 still by Hawaiian time. The rest of the planet is already onto tomorrow.
Sadly with the delay of USA & Japan again, I read the news. That the Trans Pacific Protocol rim partners have 2 full years to make domestic preparations for the Agreement. I've read that the presidential Candidates for 2016/2017 are not completely for the TPP in the current state that it exists. Regardless, I personally am out of patience and time since this makes just over a Decade of waiting for me and getting pummelled by the varying opinions of individuals & groups residing within the borders of the United States. This started in 2005 with my overseas trip to Thailand I was not to return from, my return, the death of my brother, then my being abducted 2x in Pennsylvania and surviving multiple murder attempts on my life. Most people in the USA can't read or comprehend well, so I'm sure this article will be misread some.
Most of those I've met in the USA are against the TPP. They are against it so much that they destroy as much as they can (runs the gamut of White supremacists, Filipinos, African-Americans, Other islander ethnicity's & nationalities, Chinese, Other Asians, and anyone with a slight opinion or who wants to show their prowess with the larger opinionated groups).
I know that part of the USA's job is to bring down un-democratic nations. This includes Japan in whatever way the USA doesn't like it. That's the first cause. That's why I'm considered stateless when I travel abroad;- because the USA hacks my life away.
The USA Feds are more corrupt than anyone. Next are the Police who aren't penalized in anyway for re-directing politics to ends that will be unreconciled.