Monday, February 29, 2016

The Adult Oahu Community at large

There is a plethora of under disciplined and psychologically under developed parents of children in Hawaii. These parents seem to target people (women) who attended colleges & universities. They target the educated and more worldly, for ridicule, abuse, and outright assault.  These HS graduated parents ridicule the educated because to them it isn't "money". They ridicule those who completed higher education because their personalities are like high school bullies. Yet the Hawaii state communities promote more children in Martial arts than anything. It seems with such low Higher education attendance and completion Most people in Hawaii want to do everything for Money only.

 It is lacking in cultured "music" and fun things to do that are intellectual ( science museums, art museums, affordable and frequent Theater & live non-tourist oriented shows) because most of the residents feel they should be payed for everything. This attitude creates a negative environment for the children. 

Adults playing in "paid" ensembles only have credibility with the local crowd. Obviously without an overall educated and cultured crowd;- the actual global quality is Highly questionable. 
This small & main island of Oahu has approximately 960,000 people. Now please tell me that their children Have enough things to do to prevent them from becoming criminally inclined to prevent boredom. i doubt it. Instead the locals have historically promoted "buy me drinkie bars" where patrons spend $20-$80 per drink to sit with a woman who resides on the island. This is favored over programs for children that would afford group lessons in music or art with someone who is at very least degreed, which would be a small fee in exchange for the expense of time and money to learn the art the instructor could share if desired. There are less than a handful, if any local and 501c3 Music & Art schools that are on the islands. Little to no appreciation exists out here. The disrespect of persons is equated with them throwing away a luxury handbag. 

It's clear and visibly obvious  that the community is small and closed, that they appreciate tattoos, military funding, and making embarrassing international spectacles or Incidents of some newcomers or vacationers. The rest of everyone I've met seem to be extremist in their religion, sexism, and what I consider to be display of emotionally Unevolved high school mentality.