Friday, February 05, 2016

So sick of Corporate USA

Tough to say. 1 full decade. I grew up in one of the most long held republican districts in the entire United States since its inception. I was discriminated against from the time I was born and beaten up by several girls even as early as 3rd grade for being Japanese. Most of the community always in extreme & repressed denial of actual circumstances.  
Things changed after the death of my brother. I met Justin & Amanda whose mother-in-law/mother at the time owned A Citigroup company called Primerica. That was 2006/2007, my brother's death and my credit and finances never saw the end of being shut out of regular service/phone calls/etc. My bank account in NY was pilfered by "new database services" and the monies were never returned to me. It's been a long decade with participation of Hawaiians who have their "own" banking system that they claim is separate from Citigroup and other large banking institutions. however;- they keep forcing me off-the-grid because they seem to be against my participation in anything domestic or international that preserves my life for the international export import field. They have been hard at work on destroying me for over 10years. They think that my parents have say, when my parents have the least say in my international family. However;- I can't function at this minuscule capacity much longer. I am exhausted from being ill treated by the Hawaiians & big corporate. They all know what damage they are doing...