Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Valentine's eve poem

One night I couldn't rest, 
so I killed this guy and felt quite riled,
The feeling I felt was better than sex.
Reminiscing to DeSade I felt defiled
Atrium drippings made my flytrap wetness
When Venus was shining by a planetary speck 
Mars called forth with 2 other bodies
A new age appeared of air born harmony.
It's Valentine's Eve and my sweetie awaits
Anubis' scale and a heartfelt tear
Is your love as pure as our air? 
Is it as great as those who create?
Is it like Love of dear life tortured & flown through the stargate?
Or is it magnificent love balancing with the size & greatness of a Pharoh's purity? 
My mind wraps around Love like a python for virgin prom security.

Valentine's Day it is here! I awake with a bottle of stoli's and empty beers
In My dream I sat upon a sunset. Did you hear?