Monday, February 15, 2016

Guys - the "Hawaii types"- match

The Match dah cum Guy- go yuk! Then realise the bar fly guys that you recently deleted, you remember that the profile photo you clicked No!. He just sent it to you. Just hustled your number from a guy you exchanged numbers with. Go ugh, groan, grrrr as the texts flood in and you wonder how the online site gave him your contact number. Well, they didn't.
Several phone calls later & after Valentine's and Mardis gras partying with the we exchanged numbers person u met all with all his friends.... You learn he Gave ur number to the guy u deleted... Groan

Oh, and if your like me, have the online dating site as a gift from a "nice guy friend". He gets middle of the night calls from other women who used the site to date and call him because they were assaulted and need a shoulder to cry on.