Monday, February 15, 2016

Guys - the "Hawaii types" -CL

The "Hawaii/Oahu CL guy"- gathered from a variety of sources. 
1. hpd- tries to find out where you live in less than 3minutes. Stalker? Then offers money for sex in person and if u think it's play ( like one Columbia Uni. soon to be & on vay-Kay found out) they arrest you after sex. Arrested for real. Makes u a prostitute after agreeing to a date.

2. The sexercist- wants big women, or skinny women- his plan? To have sex in exchange for trying to help the woman loose or gain weight. Online listing makes this otherwise talented person an airmatress porn star! Oh not kidding he'll offer the bigger women weight loss products so they have a friend and hope of returning. Seems agreeable? Maybe not to the last 20 women he knocked up (be mindful of dhs Mail on door when entering)
 • remember - air mattresses are disposable & anyone around won't remember you because they are entertained and repulsed by the 5-10 women that go in & out of the porn laden room in their apartment each day.