Monday, February 15, 2016

Guys - the "Hawaii types" - status quo

The Status quo local- 1st read about all the other types of guys here in Hawaii, the USS err USA sex vacation state. 
The status quo local knows he can (this may be past tense in near future) live off his exotic HawAii local woman...either from buy-me-drinke bar money or strip club money in exchange for "protection". Protection? Protection of him not being hungry or broke. Aka - a pimp. 
Many do have martial arts training and do actually loose their tempers and destroy property or become abusive. Though many are sexy like male hula dancers and fighters should be.
This really applies to most of the other types of men who reside in Hawaii who don't or can't support a woman. Because the woman typically has to be a "woman of the night" in order to make ends meet (mostly for him). And it includes all of the theft & social problems of highly competitive bill paying for the cost of living on the island. finding a man "out here" in the islands who can keep the drama to a minimum is trying to say the least.