Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guys- the Hawaii type "why post?"

Since its out to some of the Locals that some of my Overseas relatives caused security strife on island. Iow:- they blame me for costing them a ton of money in fresh background checks on their security staff. (One owner said to my face). 
I just want to run through some of the local "types" I've learned to spot in a few years. I'm also posting because these men make the horror stories that women share on island. The stories that keep military wives & kids on mainland. The women who are trapped in Hawaii due to court or financial destitution from the men involved.
In the midst of Hawaii state having laws that don't permit people involved in court proceedings to "Leave" the island state as if it's Attica;- 
it would be Great if there are laws or a system that "Checks on its vacationing newcomers with round trip tickets a day or even 6hrs before departure." (Especially single women)

Also if you come to Hawaii make sure there is more than texting relatives or a phone call back home to check in. FaceTime or Video Skype the room/area just to see who might be there, or um Here.