Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Globalism & NWO

 It's become very clear as this Hawaii Security exercise has shown me;-
1. The Feds and airport authorities are manipulating visitors
2. The Police are interested in controlling drugs and being involved with visiting extensions and members of overseas cartels (some who have federal security clearances and businesses on the islands)
3. omidiyar's crowd (possibly Yamaguchi gumi contractors and brown-no sees) I was warned about most likely manipulate the English version of Craigslist. For me, I have been "set up" 3x to be financially & legally hit badly with living space rentals. 5x to be exact with destruction of my physical belongings, computers, and other financial issues. 
This has left me without a stable and secure residence in which I can sleep peacefully.

With the ensuing war talk with Japan and China that has increased, life for me in Hawaii has gotten substantially intolerable. 
I am severely depressed from 6 years of sexual harassment and assaults. Most have happened from those who work at a federal level and with connection to the Hawaii police (last incident in January). 

The local Asian men are unacceptable in large part due to their drunkenness and common greetings. They generally try to engage a woman in sex without dating conversation. They are immature and abusive. 

I have survived largely due to those who are East Coasters. The difference is huge in that there is some sort of intellectual conversation and general appreciation of and liking of a person- I think that is mutual. 
However they are few and far between