Monday, February 29, 2016

Ex-Im recommendation

The Hawaii police and other military and security In The state are (common knowledge) corrupt and deal cocaine and other narcotics. These are common ways for Hawaii's wealthy to pay for their upkeep.

To be cost effective, Hawaii should be operated more like Burmuda. Since landowners and condo owners are the only "residents" who have exercised rights in the islands:- they should increase the median home value to $1,000,000.00. Then eliminate most of the general goods shipping (since many current residents are already claiming to be poor).

 Only the well prepared and places like Costco would be able to afford to bring goods to the island. This isn't to discount the US military flagrantly importing mainland households full of knickknacks a and furniture. Also less security checks are done on these military household shipments. 

 Property taxes & housing association fees might come from legitimate sources. The perpetual crime of Hawaii's previous "international and wealthy" might subside a little and stop affecting what was middle income families with properties @$500,000-700,000 range. Remember, these are also multigenerational households.

 Hawaii needs to clean up.