Friday, February 05, 2016

Dispensary competition Hawaii

The people/businesses who tried to apply for their marijuana dispensary license in Hawaii before January 12-13, 2016 probably got their applications in. However, those who applied for their marijuana dispensary license afterward the 12th and in force, were subjected to a downed Hawaii State server and bottleneck issues. So now no one knows what happened to the applications;- which ones went through and which ones didn't. And there are apparently a ton of complaints about the downed server.

One of the first people to get their completed application in was Dan Lankford who runs a multiple island chain store that provides indoor-growing supplies to home growers. I met Dan at Chuck Kauwe's place when Dan brought the Dabstars from Seattle for a quick bbq & oyster night coupled with a Ted's Pie on the Balcony. btw:-  Dan Lankford makes really great Salsa(vegan).
Some other things I'm hearing besides the downed server sounding shady...for potential busts. Butane processed being on some federal list;- Most islanders couldn't afford a 70K-140k machine for co2 processed products. Nothing major in this 5.5bil dollar industry 6.5bil.