Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 1 - A.M.K. Growing up first remembrances

Aside from perpetual torture for being put through MK uLtra protocols;- these are the beginning of notes that were demanded off me for 3decades of MK ultra protocol torture. This page is my Day 1. This did actually occur in Quakertown, Pa and since my life has been threatened with physical harm I see no difference in posting the atrocities.

1. Told me they killed my mother (who came back tortured) she has several scars on her neck/spine from Nazi-like experiments. I was told this was not the same woman I remembered and she immediately started to physically torture me her 1st day back from the hospital. my parents first tore me out of my bed and three me in the hall to sleep on floor.
They then went into a crazed and uncontrolled frenzy to try and hurt me more and literally dragged me down two flights of stairs to throw me out the door. 
Being dragged Down the stairs 18-20 stairs at a time became routine when they discovered I didn't have "visible bruises to go to school. Later over many years it resulted in my wearing neck braces from strained muscles since the technique changed to a backward hair drag out of my seat on to the floor and then down 1 flight of stairs. 
Later on when I was in Jr. High school, this specific torture included being thrown outside into the cold snowy and icy winter, without a jacket or shoes. Isomer ones for hours as I hid from them. It would be terror that turned into my mother's nice sweet voice calling me and as I found out several times, she would hit me more once I returned to the warmth of the house. Of course this was in the suburb "country" so only my Godparents across the street and no one else was close enough to hear or see the screaming and yelling.