Sunday, February 28, 2016

Clinton VS TPP - TPP was always a Clinton Farce.

In Hawaii, there is a high turnover of US Naval military forces. Due to this turnover, I have met more than a dozen Navy Seals and other US military special operatives & ex special operatives military. Most of them have considerable pull in the military community. Most of the ones whom I have met absolutely HATE Hillary Clinton. They also seem to be animatedly PRO Donald Trump.

I can't say I agree with either 2016 presidential candidate, though I would try my best to err on the side of world calm & peace & non-violence. Wow, that leaves me with? No choice. none that is any good. In the past I would have voted for Hillary just for the fact that the USA hasn't had a female in Office. That alone is huge. Then add in the fact that she is a mother.
However, with her current stance on the TPP and making internal domestic changes, I can't blame her for being AGAINST the TPP that she purported in 2011 APEC here in Honolulu. After reflection of the past 20 years of my life with 9 years around the Clinton boys in Ithaca, NY. I really can't say that it seems to me that they EVER intended NOT to promote a WW3. The Clinton Boys crowd paid my ex to prevent me from paying my bills, leaving the USA to see my Obasan (Japanese grandmother) as well as other (150) relatives in Japan. They directly undermined my Japanese citizenship and put me into a Stateless issue when I leave the USA. I have in fact been held a HOSTAGE in the USA by the Clinton crowd. And, then they directly contributed to making my financial life dysfunctional in entirety.

In addition, today (after a day notice that her office opened in Honolulu, HI this morning), I showed up just to converse. I met Doug Pyle who is the Vice Chair for the Democratic National Committee Hawaii. He seemed to take a subtle abusive male stance in asking me if I could comprehend anything. That alone made me fume. Let alone his "inability" to say a Japanese family name to whom I have direct family relation. That aside from his admitted limited understanding of International Laws and EX-IM issues. So, despite his coming from a "public health background" the USA yet again FAILS to place entirely domestic people OUTSIDE of the international community where they are less disruptive. This is Hawaii. Minority and National discrimination has taken on a new meaning for 3rd and 4th generation Americans of Japanese descent. They SCOFF and ridicule people like me for being born of dual nationality as they are doing their best to undermine my validity in USA culture.

SO, despite ASEAN telling me that they DON'T NEED the likes of the Trans-Pacific Protocol TPP in 2005;----(long pause) The Clinton Crowd already Proved their intention in my life by 1999/2000.
I got away from them in 2000 and was able to piece my life back together till 2005 (despite being abducted 2x by IRA related Golf Course people in 2006 and an American Caucasian North Korean associate @2002). It took 5 years to get back to surviving on my own after college graduation in 1999. Then was destroyed by the Clymers in Pennsylvania and other Republican and White Supremacists as well as trying to prove themselves NAACP people who ganged up on me and killed my brother. That loss was HUGE in 2005. 
It's ever so difficult for me to see HOW exactly we aren't going to Have a WW3 with the USA.

America scoffs at my Japanese relatives and family members. And, the USA has trashed my life in entirety in a display of "Freedom" that reads worse than the news I read of women trapped in a Muslim Country.