Sunday, February 28, 2016

Breathing Meditations

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Getting into the EX-IM world some of my Japanese relatives have constructed over the centuries, has definitely increased the stress in my life. I've picked up several Breathing meditations over the years. This is despite my spending hours each day performing advanced solo classical piano music for 30+ years of my life. And oddly none of the below were my very 1st meditation. And aided me as my stress & situations changed. 

1. basic seated Mysticism meditation- sit in chair with feet on floor, legs side by side, and open hands face up or down resting on knees or thighs. Breathe in and follow the draw of air your lungs take in. Breathe out and follow the exhalation of air your body releases. Start with 3-5minutes and work up to 15-20min. Idea is to focus on breath, should clear other invasive thoughts.

2a. Sand mandala meditation - Om mane  pad me hung.  Om is the beginning of all Buddhas, mane is he who holds the emerald & Padme is he who holds the lotus flower, hung is the end/closure of the Buddha. Picture Chenrezig with this mantra to give it more substance. Some people use the Mala - bead string when chanting.  

2b. 4part Namgyal Chenrezig meditation - see above and add thought of "please give me the gift of cleanse my soul", with each repetition & With Mala. 

3.  Sangha meditation from reading- my favorite was from Pema Chodron's Writings, or Dali Lama 365 I received from my Monk.

4.  Tonglen - breathe in all the dark & heavy thoughts, breathe out the light

5.  Christian meditation - opposite of Tonglen to Breathe in the light and positive & breathe out the dark and heavy  energy.

6. Krishna meditation mantra - Hare Hare Krisna. 3x

7.  Lotus meditation - Nam Myoho renge Kyo repeat several times and think of what one desires in life.

8.  Ogamisana meditation- Nam Myoho Renge Kyo with different accented syllable. Has different meaning. Say with hands at heart level in prayer position, some move hands shaking up and down with the mantra.

Me with that look-- are you kidding me?!!!!! again.
9. Classical Christian Mystic type meditation- I kind of made it up- like basic meditation above. Increase mental activity with 3-5minutes Bach or orchestral music and sit with eyes closed. Then do basic meditation after saying Lord's Prayer (I said every night as a child). Ask to connect to God before beginning the breathing meditation. 

10. Pilates ball mediation - sit on Pilates ball and pick a color that comes to mind. Do basic breathing meditation and focus on this color you chose entering your body on the inhale, follow it through your lungs till it  fill your lungs & diaphragm (make your diaphragm large like a ball) until you slowly exhale the color. Can interchange colors when it becomes easier. 

11. Starchild meditation- breathe in ultraviolet and breathe out cobalt blue 3x. 
I've made my own Mala or power bracelets for the People from the stars meditations I do.

12. My newest self made HawAiian based mantra- Aho, Mau loa, Kau a Kau