Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black men - Japanese woman Hawaii

OTrying to go for a walk this morning. I heard what sounded like 3 black men laughing boisterously about the Japanese sticker on my car and going and finding someone Japanese .the something that sounded spiteful about hurting me (though they don't know who) and showing everyone how they help me. It broke my meditation period. I saw the 3 loud/rude men. This is a place where people go for quiet peaceful morning walks. 
Aside from a literal few black/African American men I've met...most of them I avoid because they are totally disrespectful of Japanese women and seem to think that it's their way of making us participate in our "culture" by being pimps. Most of them are way bigger and more aggressive in pursuit of securing a "Hoe" as they refer to most Asian women on island. I don't like a majority of them, personally.