Monday, February 29, 2016

Ex-Im recommendation

The Hawaii police and other military and security In The state are (common knowledge) corrupt and deal cocaine and other narcotics. These are common ways for Hawaii's wealthy to pay for their upkeep.

To be cost effective, Hawaii should be operated more like Burmuda. Since landowners and condo owners are the only "residents" who have exercised rights in the islands:- they should increase the median home value to $1,000,000.00. Then eliminate most of the general goods shipping (since many current residents are already claiming to be poor).

 Only the well prepared and places like Costco would be able to afford to bring goods to the island. This isn't to discount the US military flagrantly importing mainland households full of knickknacks a and furniture. Also less security checks are done on these military household shipments. 

 Property taxes & housing association fees might come from legitimate sources. The perpetual crime of Hawaii's previous "international and wealthy" might subside a little and stop affecting what was middle income families with properties @$500,000-700,000 range. Remember, these are also multigenerational households.

 Hawaii needs to clean up. 

Overnight Geniuses

Some boys or men become geniuses overnight, because they took the ignored reccommendations of an intelligent woman. 


This happens to sometimes create the "overnight success" as well.

Hawaii is full of Ugly men

So today barely started and the sign I made has already attracted attention. One Korean-American souring Chinese mob looking guy yelling "you bitch" at me with authentically womanizing African-American rap blasting out of his car. Another his friend across the street from him with a blue bandanna around his mostly shaven head. Verbal harassment has begun, not sure where it's going this lunchtime. 
Seems they left. Hope not to see the Asian gangsters again.

The Adult Oahu Community at large

There is a plethora of under disciplined and psychologically under developed parents of children in Hawaii. These parents seem to target people (women) who attended colleges & universities. They target the educated and more worldly, for ridicule, abuse, and outright assault.  These HS graduated parents ridicule the educated because to them it isn't "money". They ridicule those who completed higher education because their personalities are like high school bullies. Yet the Hawaii state communities promote more children in Martial arts than anything. It seems with such low Higher education attendance and completion Most people in Hawaii want to do everything for Money only.

 It is lacking in cultured "music" and fun things to do that are intellectual ( science museums, art museums, affordable and frequent Theater & live non-tourist oriented shows) because most of the residents feel they should be payed for everything. This attitude creates a negative environment for the children. 

Adults playing in "paid" ensembles only have credibility with the local crowd. Obviously without an overall educated and cultured crowd;- the actual global quality is Highly questionable. 
This small & main island of Oahu has approximately 960,000 people. Now please tell me that their children Have enough things to do to prevent them from becoming criminally inclined to prevent boredom. i doubt it. Instead the locals have historically promoted "buy me drinkie bars" where patrons spend $20-$80 per drink to sit with a woman who resides on the island. This is favored over programs for children that would afford group lessons in music or art with someone who is at very least degreed, which would be a small fee in exchange for the expense of time and money to learn the art the instructor could share if desired. There are less than a handful, if any local and 501c3 Music & Art schools that are on the islands. Little to no appreciation exists out here. The disrespect of persons is equated with them throwing away a luxury handbag. 

It's clear and visibly obvious  that the community is small and closed, that they appreciate tattoos, military funding, and making embarrassing international spectacles or Incidents of some newcomers or vacationers. The rest of everyone I've met seem to be extremist in their religion, sexism, and what I consider to be display of emotionally Unevolved high school mentality. 

Got WW3?

Securing Hawaii as a USA State:- 
1. Have state or federal cards for Any aged FT/PT resident regardless of Citizenship who enrolls in a martial arts school or lessons.
2. Make Hawaii's residential Town Associations and  Housing or Condo associations Liable for damages caused by members of martial arts schools which they allow to use facilities. Especially any practicing "ninjutsu"

Hawaii's warriors, locals, military personnel, drug dealers, mafia, drunkards with beer guts, H.S. Graduates and holy persons are looking forward to WW3. They LOVE!!! I mean LOVE their MMA guys! (I personally dislike it though if I don't tolerate it someone else will physically assault my 5'2 petite frame.)
In towns all over Oahu at least, there are tons of Martial arts classes that are supported by their community and non-profit town associations. Then many of the coaches... But are the role models for all the kids and parents to follow. They create completely abusive communities and felt the need to hang up and destroy my life...their communities and police allowing people to sit in the hall outside my door and crack the key lock box and break in.  Etc etc etc...
 They don't call this art of war for nothing. Hawaii's i.e., Mililani Town Association definitely finds this amusing. Downtown Honolulu is an absolute nightmare for me that I feel was deserving of security bearing m16 lined rooftops and security barriers. 
The fact that I was forced to live in this state here is appalling. Though the Hawaii based martial arts instructors seem to also think it's funny to take the niece of a Japanese steel broker and make me worse than a lowlife Hoe even in a 3rd world country, throw her on the street and destroy my credit. All thanks to their martial arts associations and members- of which is the entire HAWAII community;- since there are a lot of business people who don't want to be involved with the disaster they created.
I personally HATE Most of Oahu due to these people. Even Philadelphia has better people coming out of its ghettos who are more responsible. How Hawaii state isn't liable for creating these conditions is beyond me-- Cause Obama didn't want it. 
Rant over....these people make the world worse. They should Ban martial arts or make the students have registered fighting cards from the start.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

United States Export Import - my common observations

Basically, in my lifelong experience with international business;- the average U.S. Citizen thinks that the Export Import world is Brand new. They forget the inception of the USA as an independent nation. They forget the Boston tea party and Marco Polo & the historical Silk Road. And some have never heard of the Diamond path, or know of old trading between Japan and Korea long ago which resulted In a special coin minted in 1710. For some reason this history and more is dismissed from thought in the average USA citizen's mind. Trade to them is sliding a plastic card that calculates debt and tracks it in exchange for goods from abroad. 

•Most of them want to kill people who mention Ex-Im and rob us. 
•They literally think that Asia is their personal slave labor, regardless of governments or family legacies. This is much like their environmentalists advocating to save USA environment but it's ok if they trash China to buy their baby toys and goods.
•They want all the money themselves and don't understand the privledge of doing trade with other Countries. 
•USA views international trade as Their own "gift" to the world.
•They view this behavior as being blessed and Godly, like a child who consumes all the cakes and candies around and crying for more after stricken with an upset stomach.
• in today's world those motivated to make money are Special Ops US military and only want to promote the sale of guns in foreign countries as their own brand of exported terrorism. 

Breathing Meditations

  My latest mantra bottom of page image ... 
Getting into the EX-IM world some of my Japanese relatives have constructed over the centuries, has definitely increased the stress in my life. I've picked up several Breathing meditations over the years. This is despite my spending hours each day performing advanced solo classical piano music for 30+ years of my life. And oddly none of the below were my very 1st meditation. And aided me as my stress & situations changed. 

1. basic seated Mysticism meditation- sit in chair with feet on floor, legs side by side, and open hands face up or down resting on knees or thighs. Breathe in and follow the draw of air your lungs take in. Breathe out and follow the exhalation of air your body releases. Start with 3-5minutes and work up to 15-20min. Idea is to focus on breath, should clear other invasive thoughts.

2a. Sand mandala meditation - Om mane  pad me hung.  Om is the beginning of all Buddhas, mane is he who holds the emerald & Padme is he who holds the lotus flower, hung is the end/closure of the Buddha. Picture Chenrezig with this mantra to give it more substance. Some people use the Mala - bead string when chanting.  

2b. 4part Namgyal Chenrezig meditation - see above and add thought of "please give me the gift of cleanse my soul", with each repetition & With Mala. 

3.  Sangha meditation from reading- my favorite was from Pema Chodron's Writings, or Dali Lama 365 I received from my Monk.

4.  Tonglen - breathe in all the dark & heavy thoughts, breathe out the light

5.  Christian meditation - opposite of Tonglen to Breathe in the light and positive & breathe out the dark and heavy  energy.

6. Krishna meditation mantra - Hare Hare Krisna. 3x

7.  Lotus meditation - Nam Myoho renge Kyo repeat several times and think of what one desires in life.

8.  Ogamisana meditation- Nam Myoho Renge Kyo with different accented syllable. Has different meaning. Say with hands at heart level in prayer position, some move hands shaking up and down with the mantra.

Me with that look-- are you kidding me?!!!!! again.
9. Classical Christian Mystic type meditation- I kind of made it up- like basic meditation above. Increase mental activity with 3-5minutes Bach or orchestral music and sit with eyes closed. Then do basic meditation after saying Lord's Prayer (I said every night as a child). Ask to connect to God before beginning the breathing meditation. 

10. Pilates ball mediation - sit on Pilates ball and pick a color that comes to mind. Do basic breathing meditation and focus on this color you chose entering your body on the inhale, follow it through your lungs till it  fill your lungs & diaphragm (make your diaphragm large like a ball) until you slowly exhale the color. Can interchange colors when it becomes easier. 

11. Starchild meditation- breathe in ultraviolet and breathe out cobalt blue 3x. 
I've made my own Mala or power bracelets for the People from the stars meditations I do.

12. My newest self made HawAiian based mantra- Aho, Mau loa, Kau a Kau

Clinton VS TPP - TPP was always a Clinton Farce.

In Hawaii, there is a high turnover of US Naval military forces. Due to this turnover, I have met more than a dozen Navy Seals and other US military special operatives & ex special operatives military. Most of them have considerable pull in the military community. Most of the ones whom I have met absolutely HATE Hillary Clinton. They also seem to be animatedly PRO Donald Trump.

I can't say I agree with either 2016 presidential candidate, though I would try my best to err on the side of world calm & peace & non-violence. Wow, that leaves me with? No choice. none that is any good. In the past I would have voted for Hillary just for the fact that the USA hasn't had a female in Office. That alone is huge. Then add in the fact that she is a mother.
However, with her current stance on the TPP and making internal domestic changes, I can't blame her for being AGAINST the TPP that she purported in 2011 APEC here in Honolulu. After reflection of the past 20 years of my life with 9 years around the Clinton boys in Ithaca, NY. I really can't say that it seems to me that they EVER intended NOT to promote a WW3. The Clinton Boys crowd paid my ex to prevent me from paying my bills, leaving the USA to see my Obasan (Japanese grandmother) as well as other (150) relatives in Japan. They directly undermined my Japanese citizenship and put me into a Stateless issue when I leave the USA. I have in fact been held a HOSTAGE in the USA by the Clinton crowd. And, then they directly contributed to making my financial life dysfunctional in entirety.

In addition, today (after a day notice that her office opened in Honolulu, HI this morning), I showed up just to converse. I met Doug Pyle who is the Vice Chair for the Democratic National Committee Hawaii. He seemed to take a subtle abusive male stance in asking me if I could comprehend anything. That alone made me fume. Let alone his "inability" to say a Japanese family name to whom I have direct family relation. That aside from his admitted limited understanding of International Laws and EX-IM issues. So, despite his coming from a "public health background" the USA yet again FAILS to place entirely domestic people OUTSIDE of the international community where they are less disruptive. This is Hawaii. Minority and National discrimination has taken on a new meaning for 3rd and 4th generation Americans of Japanese descent. They SCOFF and ridicule people like me for being born of dual nationality as they are doing their best to undermine my validity in USA culture.

SO, despite ASEAN telling me that they DON'T NEED the likes of the Trans-Pacific Protocol TPP in 2005;----(long pause) The Clinton Crowd already Proved their intention in my life by 1999/2000.
I got away from them in 2000 and was able to piece my life back together till 2005 (despite being abducted 2x by IRA related Golf Course people in 2006 and an American Caucasian North Korean associate @2002). It took 5 years to get back to surviving on my own after college graduation in 1999. Then was destroyed by the Clymers in Pennsylvania and other Republican and White Supremacists as well as trying to prove themselves NAACP people who ganged up on me and killed my brother. That loss was HUGE in 2005. 
It's ever so difficult for me to see HOW exactly we aren't going to Have a WW3 with the USA.

America scoffs at my Japanese relatives and family members. And, the USA has trashed my life in entirety in a display of "Freedom" that reads worse than the news I read of women trapped in a Muslim Country.

Vegan eats in Oahu

Best places for cost effective veggies;- 
These aren't ideal, however cost effective
-Panda Express - large mixed veggies side @$5.20
-Starbucks - coconut or soy latte -venti $5.69 has Nuts & Kind bars if u eat them.
Rare- salad with rice & tahini @$8
- Down to Earth - salad bar $9.99/lb has organic food & hot bar with vegan chili & rice @ $7.50/lb.
-Krishna Temple- donation based Prasadam. Not all food is vegan, but enough selections. And is all vegetarian, buffet style.
-Farmers stands @ North Shore Kamehameha Hwy about .5miles before Turtle Bay. variety of seasonal tropical fruits & local avocado. Sandwich ziplock Bags of pre-cut fruits $3-$5 on ice & ready to eat. biggest selection.
 Also stand @ Dole Pineapple plantation parking lot, limited selection.
- Macadamia nut stand - Haleiwa across from park. go to 2nd Haleiwa exit at light before old wood Surfer signs. Stand on left. $9-15 bag of macadamias. Different flavors. Salad dressing too.
- Vitamin Shoppe in Pearl City carries biggest vegan supplement selection.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

War of *Children - cult of Sukyomahikari

Sukyomahikari member contacted me while I was beginning a session on an Scumann Frequency Mat while being stricken with only a Toxic black mold in my bloodstream. She wouldn't leave the space and at the advice of the Services overseer's, I caved to agree to receive light for her sake.

Shortly after Sukyomahikari contacted me, my life fell apart in entirety.

I joined SukyoMahikari In February 2015 after a "divine act" of my next day's membership class fee of $250 appearing in my life overnight. My first month, I spent 6-8hrs a day at the Dojo giving light (Okiyome), and taking 50 minutes each day to receive Okiyome. I didn't make it through the year with the very intense Omitama and cruel conservative attitudes of the Japanese women in the Dojo once I joined. People around me said I looked drained like I hadn't slept. There were random odd occurances of my car breaking down and the unusual appearances of other Sukyomahikari members.
I even had taken "selfies" before and after I attended the Dojo since this is a Light based practice.
The selfies looked somewhat normal. However they did show severely large and darker areas around my eyes than normal even for being tired, my face had a "death mask" on it.

I returned the Omitama several times to be reconsecrated. The Omitama itself felt like it held "fear" of another being. It was like a lost scared and hungry kitten clinging to me with claws extended.
By August of 2015, I returned the Omitama not to rejoin. I had been disgusted by the smell of "sex" at the signin table. And then appauled that they were conducting Hula in the basement. After I left the daily presence of the Cult a 2nd time and returned my Omitama, (yes I could lie like other members about its HOLINESS), I was called to pick up the Omitama. When I tried to make arrangements, the basement of the Center had been flooded (or Cleansed). The Sukyomahikari members and staff told me I could only enter at certain times because they lost the entire basement level to Waterdamage. The waterdamage was talked about in a happy manner that they couldn't believe that such a freak accident could happen. The building flooded from the outside, as drainage grates were clogged from a pipe that burst in a planter. Then the water continued to seep overnight in the lower stairwell till it was filled, and then continued to seep through the door at the bottom of the staircase.
I thought and felt I had seen enough. I left several times due to other members not heeding my request of not pressing into my cerebral spinal system too hard. I felt that they were intentionally trying to hurt me.

 I did learn that the "will of God" was presented as any member saw fit as they all contained some of God like a "drop of water from the Ocean is still Ocean". However, the continual presentation of "God's Plan for Humanity" was irritating.  To me, there is one plan GOD has for all of us, and that is DEATH.

Today, in Metaphysical hindsight;- I feel that the Cult has a figurehead who used to practice a Chinese form of Wizardry in Dao. Shapeshifting, connecting spiritual cords of members, and tying his spirit to the Mortal human world to become a greater metaphysical entity. Since he spent his time on the Planet Earth as a Japanese Military leader, I do not want my more peaceful energies to be used by such an entity. He may be a black eyed child of the stars when he returns in form again. 

Overpopulation & Agony - Calm & meditation

Imagine the sound frequency wave of 5 to 6 billion people who are mentally suffering in spiritual agony.

The Sounds of their words lack meaning because their prior actions were not of Love & Respect for another. The words they speak lack the depth of their actions done in Love and peace. And So, they have thoughts that resound like a howl at the moon, and like a sounding board the moon reflects back as a trumpet of doom.

War of the *Children

They are like the One the humans call Wolverine. Masters of human rhythm & timing.

Able to anticipate every move with strength and energy to defeat the Largest army of Humans.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Amazing USA- I'm over it -rant end of Feb

So, you USA folk like my mean-spirited parents think your laws mean something when it's convenient or inconvenient. I personally have lost interest in continuing in the USA since most executives I have met. As well as politicians and bankers only have interest in a ww3. That is coupled with the general mass of Americans who vote in the USA being a pep rally for those who they complain about ( though I'm deafened to hearing positive people as substitutes). 

 I'm a person who customs brokers introduced themselves to me and you and your filthy minions expect to "help" me?! Hope your happy with WW3 because you are worse than anyone who calls themselves a mechanic yet can really only put gas in the vehicle and maybe clean the windshield

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Surf big wave 2016


I had a wonderful dream last night as soon as I shut my eyes. There were over 900 pyramids were built over fast expensive desert. It was the most incredible and beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Globalism & NWO

 It's become very clear as this Hawaii Security exercise has shown me;-
1. The Feds and airport authorities are manipulating visitors
2. The Police are interested in controlling drugs and being involved with visiting extensions and members of overseas cartels (some who have federal security clearances and businesses on the islands)
3. omidiyar's crowd (possibly Yamaguchi gumi contractors and brown-no sees) I was warned about most likely manipulate the English version of Craigslist. For me, I have been "set up" 3x to be financially & legally hit badly with living space rentals. 5x to be exact with destruction of my physical belongings, computers, and other financial issues. 
This has left me without a stable and secure residence in which I can sleep peacefully.

With the ensuing war talk with Japan and China that has increased, life for me in Hawaii has gotten substantially intolerable. 
I am severely depressed from 6 years of sexual harassment and assaults. Most have happened from those who work at a federal level and with connection to the Hawaii police (last incident in January). 

The local Asian men are unacceptable in large part due to their drunkenness and common greetings. They generally try to engage a woman in sex without dating conversation. They are immature and abusive. 

I have survived largely due to those who are East Coasters. The difference is huge in that there is some sort of intellectual conversation and general appreciation of and liking of a person- I think that is mutual. 
However they are few and far between


Monday, February 22, 2016

Dream weekend in tears

It is time to start a major assault on the United States. 

No more race

Really much more simple to annihilate all the "races" and keep the genetic remnants of them. 
Really, it's better to be genetically mutated over 6mutations. hVR1 level. 

Most of the human race is exhibiting typical species issues of invbreeding. I'm a firm believer that the planet is grossly inbred.

Day 1 - A.M.K. Growing up first remembrances

Aside from perpetual torture for being put through MK uLtra protocols;- these are the beginning of notes that were demanded off me for 3decades of MK ultra protocol torture. This page is my Day 1. This did actually occur in Quakertown, Pa and since my life has been threatened with physical harm I see no difference in posting the atrocities.

1. Told me they killed my mother (who came back tortured) she has several scars on her neck/spine from Nazi-like experiments. I was told this was not the same woman I remembered and she immediately started to physically torture me her 1st day back from the hospital. my parents first tore me out of my bed and three me in the hall to sleep on floor.
They then went into a crazed and uncontrolled frenzy to try and hurt me more and literally dragged me down two flights of stairs to throw me out the door. 
Being dragged Down the stairs 18-20 stairs at a time became routine when they discovered I didn't have "visible bruises to go to school. Later over many years it resulted in my wearing neck braces from strained muscles since the technique changed to a backward hair drag out of my seat on to the floor and then down 1 flight of stairs. 
Later on when I was in Jr. High school, this specific torture included being thrown outside into the cold snowy and icy winter, without a jacket or shoes. Isomer ones for hours as I hid from them. It would be terror that turned into my mother's nice sweet voice calling me and as I found out several times, she would hit me more once I returned to the warmth of the house. Of course this was in the suburb "country" so only my Godparents across the street and no one else was close enough to hear or see the screaming and yelling. 

Kung fu Kai

Kai an Ox, is definitely on his own. He knows every master Sifu and doesn't want anyone to know what he knows. So logically, he kills them and takes them out of the physical realm. 
Does he really have any students after they serve him? After all, it took him 500 years to get to chi collector. Or did he take his students chi too after he was done with them? 
Not talking about the kiddie classes. Kai the Ox...all students for real combat. Do they just mysteriously get killed? 
So many masters, so many secrets...too bad the universe is infinite.

Hawaii at its worst convenience

Not sure what to do. stopped in a Seven Eleven @ Ka Uka and their employee elbowed me in the back when I went to get an Inari packet out of the deli case. She said sorry, though she hit my spine really hard and it still feels hurt bad. I'm never returning here 1. Seems malicious 2.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black men - Japanese woman Hawaii

OTrying to go for a walk this morning. I heard what sounded like 3 black men laughing boisterously about the Japanese sticker on my car and going and finding someone Japanese .the something that sounded spiteful about hurting me (though they don't know who) and showing everyone how they help me. It broke my meditation period. I saw the 3 loud/rude men. This is a place where people go for quiet peaceful morning walks. 
Aside from a literal few black/African American men I've met...most of them I avoid because they are totally disrespectful of Japanese women and seem to think that it's their way of making us participate in our "culture" by being pimps. Most of them are way bigger and more aggressive in pursuit of securing a "Hoe" as they refer to most Asian women on island. I don't like a majority of them, personally. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guys- the Hawaii type "why post?"

Since its out to some of the Locals that some of my Overseas relatives caused security strife on island. Iow:- they blame me for costing them a ton of money in fresh background checks on their security staff. (One owner said to my face). 
I just want to run through some of the local "types" I've learned to spot in a few years. I'm also posting because these men make the horror stories that women share on island. The stories that keep military wives & kids on mainland. The women who are trapped in Hawaii due to court or financial destitution from the men involved.
In the midst of Hawaii state having laws that don't permit people involved in court proceedings to "Leave" the island state as if it's Attica;- 
it would be Great if there are laws or a system that "Checks on its vacationing newcomers with round trip tickets a day or even 6hrs before departure." (Especially single women)

Also if you come to Hawaii make sure there is more than texting relatives or a phone call back home to check in. FaceTime or Video Skype the room/area just to see who might be there, or um Here.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Guys - the "Hawaii Type" - fedZ

The fedZ - they don't look like the tatted up MMA star Police. These guys are the clean cut model type (2009-2015) who may be ready to make their tabloid review with unforsaken "dad bod" in the near future (present). They are the rule breakers who can bust ur face with a golf club, drop you out of the helicopter to some sharks over by O beach. We know there are 20tagged Tigers, estimated 100 @ islands not including hammerheads.
Rumoured They used to run their own "prostitution stables". Steer away from the pretty boys, some get their hot cars from US gov. Others are hustling trust fund babies.

Guys - the "Hawaii Types" - drama king

The Drama King - he has the primo pad/ location, even if it's a vacation rental. At any age he can still pick up women within a 45min drive on island. He lures them. They lie about their relationship to him. His friends, Need to be unreliable enough to preserve friendship and stay out of the way of the police. Usually an angry boyfriend or husband will appear, joined by cops not soon after.
He also is the one to rescue the fair maiden in a pit of other lesser drama kings.

Guys - the "Hawaii types" - status quo

The Status quo local- 1st read about all the other types of guys here in Hawaii, the USS err USA sex vacation state. 
The status quo local knows he can (this may be past tense in near future) live off his exotic HawAii local woman...either from buy-me-drinke bar money or strip club money in exchange for "protection". Protection? Protection of him not being hungry or broke. Aka - a pimp. 
Many do have martial arts training and do actually loose their tempers and destroy property or become abusive. Though many are sexy like male hula dancers and fighters should be.
This really applies to most of the other types of men who reside in Hawaii who don't or can't support a woman. Because the woman typically has to be a "woman of the night" in order to make ends meet (mostly for him). And it includes all of the theft & social problems of highly competitive bill paying for the cost of living on the island. finding a man "out here" in the islands who can keep the drama to a minimum is trying to say the least. 

Guys - the "Hawaii type" - Married

The Married - this is so classic. 
• the wife doesn't want to sign the actual divorce papers, won't let him go
• is "top secret" military and hides everything on the mainland and in his secret computer- pics of kids & all. Might let u in on it l8r like after a year.
• got a divorce from his last wife. You saw the court filing online Hawaii state. Then, he JUST got married again a month after you were dating him and still dating.
• swingers- calls his wife to talk to you and she claims they are divorced. Everyone else tells you he's married and treats women badly after month 2. Expect to get a restraining order by that time. Believe your trusted homies.
• most classic- openly states they are staying together for the kids but doesn't want to be seen out in public with you for the Kid's sake. 

Guys - the "Hawaii Types" - rehab

The Rehab victim- this one is simple. Go out, have a great time, are in public when he passes out and valets need to carry him to his car u now have to drive. IOW:- you are his "party chauffeur" 
Be sure to ask if he has any health conditions or medication. He takes before this date. Things could get gnarly to the hospital for you or him or his hapless victims.
I had one of these men seem awake when we got to his house and pass out once he opened the door. He passed on on his way out the car door and lay on the pavement by the car so I spent the night sleeping "in his car". Ugh

Guys - the "Hawaii types"- match

The Match dah cum Guy- go yuk! Then realise the bar fly guys that you recently deleted, you remember that the profile photo you clicked No!. He just sent it to you. Just hustled your number from a guy you exchanged numbers with. Go ugh, groan, grrrr as the texts flood in and you wonder how the online site gave him your contact number. Well, they didn't.
Several phone calls later & after Valentine's and Mardis gras partying with the we exchanged numbers person u met all with all his friends.... You learn he Gave ur number to the guy u deleted... Groan

Oh, and if your like me, have the online dating site as a gift from a "nice guy friend". He gets middle of the night calls from other women who used the site to date and call him because they were assaulted and need a shoulder to cry on. 

Guys - the "Hawaii types" -CL

The "Hawaii/Oahu CL guy"- gathered from a variety of sources. 
1. hpd- tries to find out where you live in less than 3minutes. Stalker? Then offers money for sex in person and if u think it's play ( like one Columbia Uni. soon to be & on vay-Kay found out) they arrest you after sex. Arrested for real. Makes u a prostitute after agreeing to a date.

2. The sexercist- wants big women, or skinny women- his plan? To have sex in exchange for trying to help the woman loose or gain weight. Online listing makes this otherwise talented person an airmatress porn star! Oh not kidding he'll offer the bigger women weight loss products so they have a friend and hope of returning. Seems agreeable? Maybe not to the last 20 women he knocked up (be mindful of dhs Mail on door when entering)
 • remember - air mattresses are disposable & anyone around won't remember you because they are entertained and repulsed by the 5-10 women that go in & out of the porn laden room in their apartment each day.

Guys- the Hawaii types

dating in Hawaii the "Hawaii Types

The K-Bay guy - the so called "Progressives" from mainland. Plenty of Jersey boys here too. snotty white men who think they are God's gift to the brown & Asian & other world. These guys  "from good families" just like Jersey, like to bring women home for dinner on the cheap then figure it's ok if you pay for more than half. They cry that it's because They are the "minority" in Hawaii. 
Usually active eco-tour types carrying a mixed message that the "stupid and cautious" Japanese tourists (ahem I'm born a dual national of Japan) will pay top dollar to do almost nothing exciting because they don't want an accident on vacation. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Welcome to Hawaii

Common complaints about Hawaii's "local born"
1.  They talk about where they went to High school rather than College. Even In Their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's etc
2. They seem to consider themselves  cultured" if they have gone to Las Vegas and left the Island state.
3. They don't create their own state revenue and rely largely on money coming to the islands from foreign/outside HawAiian sources. Frequently they try to do business using extortion, threat of death, etc.
4. The Honolulu Police Department officers move large quantities of Cocaine and drugs in public site and then harass and kill witnesses. (Especially in Kalihi)

5. Many of the Hapa & Asians who reside in Hawaii as "their 1st culture", play into outdated Asian stereotypes from WW2. They are also 3rd,4th, and 5th generation Americans, mostly descended from Japanese or Chinese migrant farm workers. Laying claims to "discrimination" frequently;- They seem to live off of it as a "tourist attraction that permeates many facets of modern hospitality in the islands. It is such a pathetic show of the Island's history at this point. It completely disgusts me personally. I'm sure this sentiment is shared elsewhere since even modern Japanese nationals view as major world culture as current such as European cities, New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

6. Many islanders  don't like Sarcasm, yet they want to hear "no complaining" and positive words. after creating unconstitutional laws & courtsystem;- Then they insist on telling newcomers how to live on the island. This is quickly becoming my #1 reason not to spend time with people here. 

To be continued...

Hawaii men not ok for my Role

So a while ago a lawyer reminded me about the guys out
I'm Hawaii. (I'm used to white collar executives, designers, and Ivy League town). The guys in Hawaii have money from the military so they don't relate to civilian women like a University/College atmosphere. Fatherly like, he reminded me they strongly aren't my type and have money. Iow they are too rowdy, cause DV issues, and are used to the military covering their butts for their mistakes.
Today, I'm so again faced with the same thing blaring in my face as that is 70% of the working population in Hawaii. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Valentine's eve poem

One night I couldn't rest, 
so I killed this guy and felt quite riled,
The feeling I felt was better than sex.
Reminiscing to DeSade I felt defiled
Atrium drippings made my flytrap wetness
When Venus was shining by a planetary speck 
Mars called forth with 2 other bodies
A new age appeared of air born harmony.
It's Valentine's Eve and my sweetie awaits
Anubis' scale and a heartfelt tear
Is your love as pure as our air? 
Is it as great as those who create?
Is it like Love of dear life tortured & flown through the stargate?
Or is it magnificent love balancing with the size & greatness of a Pharoh's purity? 
My mind wraps around Love like a python for virgin prom security.

Valentine's Day it is here! I awake with a bottle of stoli's and empty beers
In My dream I sat upon a sunset. Did you hear? 

Monday, February 08, 2016

Spider tropical bug Yuk

I very badly want to return to a northern, bug ridden environment like Hawaii. The spider bite is the 2nd one I've had in 6 years. These things make me cringe and not want to go back to where I was. 
The time I saw a brown fiddle spider in my room it was raining, and I didn't sleep at my 2bdr apt for more than days since I coated the place with diatomaceous earth. Ugh... Ugh... Can't stand this

Spider bite- tiny spider big welt

I got this bite 2 days ago. My joints hurt and I'm dizzy, felt a little nauseated. Total it's about 1.2"diameter on my but. I know it's a spider cause I could feel it crawl up my head after I was sleeping. No other apparent bites. Apparently I also passed out for a day and a couple people were worried about me. It's a big welt I've put body armor on, wintergreen eo and myrrh separately. Tiny spider though. 

Saturday, February 06, 2016

My Return To the East COast

My return to the East Coast is contingent on having sufficient protection. My Late brother's former boss and my old neighbors attempted to murder me on several occasions since his death. That is only coupled with Numerous racist remarks made by those who my brother falsely called friends- who clearly delighted in his death and persued killing me under their white supremacy of Bucks County and outlying areas. My family clearly to occupied with everyone else to take care of their own children being swamped by ugly uglier & what I compare to myself (being Hapa) as Inbred white supremacists.

Trans Pacific Protocol - Japan/ USA

Today I read the news, after heeding the calls of the Universe to quit my job and duck out of commoner site till Feb 4th, 2016. Today is Feb 5, 2016 still by Hawaiian time. The rest of the planet is already onto tomorrow.
Sadly with the delay of USA & Japan again, I read the news. That the Trans Pacific Protocol rim partners have 2 full years to make domestic preparations for the Agreement. I've read that the presidential Candidates for 2016/2017 are not completely for the TPP in the current state that it exists. Regardless, I personally am out of patience and time since this makes just over a Decade of waiting for me and getting pummelled by the varying opinions of individuals & groups residing within the borders of the United States. This started in 2005 with my overseas trip to Thailand I was not to return from, my return, the death of my brother, then my being abducted 2x in Pennsylvania and surviving multiple murder attempts on my life. Most people in the USA can't read or comprehend well, so I'm sure this article will be misread some.
Most of those I've met in the USA are against the TPP. They are against it so much that they destroy as much as they can (runs the gamut of White supremacists, Filipinos, African-Americans, Other islander ethnicity's & nationalities, Chinese, Other Asians, and anyone with a slight opinion or who wants to show their prowess with the larger opinionated groups).
I know that part of the USA's job is to bring down un-democratic nations. This includes Japan in whatever way the USA doesn't like it. That's the first cause. That's why I'm considered stateless when I travel abroad;- because the USA hacks my life away.
The USA Feds are more corrupt than anyone. Next are the Police who aren't penalized in anyway for re-directing politics to ends that will be unreconciled.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Hawaiian Islands 2/2009-2/2016

My time in the Hawaiian Islands has had some beautiful moments only pummelled by many Forced and unwanted other interactions.
  • I did attend Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 11-2011 -- crawled in on my hands and knees instead of with considerable company prior to Japan announcement next day to sign TPP.
  • I did get a tour of all the Golf Courses from an alleged family friend.
  • I did take a Federal Agent also was a Police Trainer & Military Combat trainer to court at the prompting of the US ARMY military intelligence unit as I indicated that I would have before, but was in fear of my life.
It has been at the advise of a Japanese counsellor of mine that I wait to file complaints below since it is clear by the Track record of Honolulu Police Department that they do instigate much of the violence against women 1st hand on this island. That they and their friends directly profit in cash business of forced sex work.
  • Instead of destroying my image & professionalism in the International Business community- I'm surprised Honolulu Police didn't just kill me and bury me, as they are trying to skew the political view of me and my relatives in Japanese infrastructure. Or, it's really true and the Honolulu Police and their Federal friends are in charge of the crime families in the Hawaiian islands.

  • My time in Hawaii has been costly to the well being of my life as I still have to file serious Human rights violations/ complaints at this point. Due to the political nature of my life, I have kept only the most life threatening to me at the surface. There is much, much more I can no longer withstand.
    • I am waiting to make a formal complaint against the Honolulu Police Department to date.
    • I am waiting to make a formal complaint against the Federal Agent (also on Obama's security team)  to date.
    • I am waiting to make a formal complaint on Honolulu Prosecutor & Judges. 
    • I have taken the Federal Agent to Court when prompted by the US Army Military Intelligence, as I indicated that I would have before, but was in fear of my life.
    • I have been attacked by the Filipino Community.
    • I have been attacked by some members of the Hawaiian tribal community.
    • I have been attacked by the Chinese.
    • I have been attacked by the Koreans.
    • I have been attacked by the Vietnamese.
    • I have been attacked by the Mexican Maffia- issue went to court while HPD laughed at me and complicated matters more.

    Dispensary competition Hawaii

    The people/businesses who tried to apply for their marijuana dispensary license in Hawaii before January 12-13, 2016 probably got their applications in. However, those who applied for their marijuana dispensary license afterward the 12th and in force, were subjected to a downed Hawaii State server and bottleneck issues. So now no one knows what happened to the applications;- which ones went through and which ones didn't. And there are apparently a ton of complaints about the downed server.

    One of the first people to get their completed application in was Dan Lankford who runs a multiple island chain store that provides indoor-growing supplies to home growers. I met Dan at Chuck Kauwe's place when Dan brought the Dabstars from Seattle for a quick bbq & oyster night coupled with a Ted's Pie on the Balcony. btw:-  Dan Lankford makes really great Salsa(vegan).
    Some other things I'm hearing besides the downed server sounding shady...for potential busts. Butane processed being on some federal list;- Most islanders couldn't afford a 70K-140k machine for co2 processed products. Nothing major in this 5.5bil dollar industry 6.5bil.

    So sick of Corporate USA

    Tough to say. 1 full decade. I grew up in one of the most long held republican districts in the entire United States since its inception. I was discriminated against from the time I was born and beaten up by several girls even as early as 3rd grade for being Japanese. Most of the community always in extreme & repressed denial of actual circumstances.  
    Things changed after the death of my brother. I met Justin & Amanda whose mother-in-law/mother at the time owned A Citigroup company called Primerica. That was 2006/2007, my brother's death and my credit and finances never saw the end of being shut out of regular service/phone calls/etc. My bank account in NY was pilfered by "new database services" and the monies were never returned to me. It's been a long decade with participation of Hawaiians who have their "own" banking system that they claim is separate from Citigroup and other large banking institutions. however;- they keep forcing me off-the-grid because they seem to be against my participation in anything domestic or international that preserves my life for the international export import field. They have been hard at work on destroying me for over 10years. They think that my parents have say, when my parents have the least say in my international family. However;- I can't function at this minuscule capacity much longer. I am exhausted from being ill treated by the Hawaiians & big corporate. They all know what damage they are doing...