Friday, January 15, 2016

The Planet Epsilon organization

The Planet Epsilon organization (aka P.E.) will use coordinates  rather than political descriptors such as Country names. We will use people's names who we know in the nearby areas, or their chosen name within the organization.
Planet Epsilon will do and focus on current tasks applicable to most current and near future changes to fit the global supply chain environmental demands.
We will focus and energize the global workplace market to maintain financial health, physical well being of our environment and all of its inhabitants first.
Planet Epsilon will become the ultimate predators who level the biological playing field to cause balance against the sinking weight of "lethal* chemical change".
*Planet Epsilon acknowledges that the inhabitable human & animal environment of planet Earth is reaching toxicity with the array of extracted & processed chemicals in the Global marketplace. most biological interactions are considered "chemical". planet Epsilon is most concerned with those chemical stashes, uses, and testing that are adversely affecting animals , as well as humans with lethal results. "lethal chemical change" examines everything from chemical sensitivities to In-extinct chemical warfare elements in the modern supply chain. Serious other chemical stocks used in guerrilla warfare and pharmaceuticals that are dumped into major waterways may fit this broad definition of "lethal chemical change". 

Phase 1#~ develop coordinate library
•use of coordinates is to keep the issue in mind rather than acting as a live advertising agent. We share this planet regardless of political or capitalist attributes a designated area may have. 
• classify coordinate for research, videography, prolonged surveillance, other campaign actions.
• write coordinate as;-
Green - chain store
Red - military 
Blue - water pollution
Brown - government 
Purple - heavy industrial 
Orange - industrial agricultural
Yellow - nuclear waste

Since the responsibility of Planet Epsilon is dedicated to balancing the "lethal chemical change" on the planet;- Planet Epsilon does not condone the use of lethal chemical change itself to harm any life. Any actions on behalf of Planet Epsilon will be done with the most care to self and others possible.