Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chinese Navy in Honolulu, Problems with Hawaiian Nation hating Japan

My anxiety level is through the ceiling while at the Vans Off the Wall 2015.
This nearly marks my 6th year in the Hawaiian Islands. Fight over Export import- especially Filipinos attacking me, Chinese-Hawaiians trying to use shipping lines to run "independence guns", Yamaguchigumi wars aside from normal enemy status with my family in Japan, Israelis, and everyone else including the local born Feds and corrupt HPD has just been a NIgHTMARE.

Chinese Navy destroyer & navy are visiting and the "local born" Hawaii residents think that finding doppelgänger of yours truly is fun to mess with. Can't imagine who else they do this to, putting doubles near work places and gyms and outings. Rumour is that China has 5-6 doppelgänger of any person they want to replace in the U.S.

Chinese+Hawaiians working to exacerbate 
Pacific security with "revolutionary" actions against USA/ North America  & Japan. 
- this has been an immediate issue beginning with security trainer Olohei* Shane Kainoa Kekoakalani  Li, who asked me if I could bring guns to Hawaii in 2009. He ha been asking around as well as other small island nations outside the Pacific region. 
*In English, Olohei means a leader of the people.

Arms to run through South China Sea