Tuesday, December 29, 2015

tourists leave camera batteries for endangered green sea turtles

I took a walk on the beach at Ali'i Beach Park in Haleiwa one afternoon. As I walked past the palms to the shoreline, I heard a bird squak. At first I looked up for the bird. Then I proceeded to walk on the rocky shore and while watching my steps, I saw a lithium camera battery. This is a place where endangered Hawaiian sea turtles emerge and climb ashore. I picked up the battery and took another direction to the right. I walked on the path that looped back to the main beach. I heard a bird squak again. I looked around at the ground and I found two more AA camera batteries with Japanese Kanji on them. I looked around a little more and headed to the lifeguard house. When I was closer to the infamous Baywatch lifeguard house I returned to a nearby picnic table under a palm tree, and again the bird squaked/shrieked loudly. This time, I saw the battery was under the picnic table.
I'm not joking about the bird shrieking when I was within arm's reach of these camera batteries. However, judging by the urgency of the shrieks and squats from the bird(s), the batteries must pose enough of a hazard that yes, even the birds are being proactive. 

I'm not sure how to make tourists understand that leaving camera batteries on the shoreline with endangered species  is not appropriate disposal. Even if a trash can is still not proper battery disposal, it is better than leaving the batteries to corrode and harm sealife. I can imagine that the battery acid can main and blind and burn the endangered Sea turtles. 

Japan should withdraw/halt moratorium on building contracts with Hawaii/USA interest

Many American businessmen say that Yakuza runs Japan and there are no other legitimate people who they will do business with. The average American business man seems to feel Yakuza legitimizes American/USA interest in controlling Japan as a territory. 
This runs contrary to the goals set forth by APEC in attempting to eliminate mob payoff payments that run in the hundreds of millions. 
Since the USA has legitimized many of these illegal Asian gangs economically, and politically within its own borders;- maintaining decent relations for business progress is crumbling for Japan overseas. 
It's my opinion that Japan should halt all business in steel and construction to Hawaii especially. It is an observation that I can't ignore. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

I'd like a gift...real help please.

I want to file a report against certain HpD officers for aiding and assisting attempted murder on me 2x. Not sure how to do so since they are the cause of my non return to the mainland from my 1month vacation.  I need assistance.
I can't just keep asking an angel.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chinese Navy in Honolulu, Problems with Hawaiian Nation hating Japan

My anxiety level is through the ceiling while at the Vans Off the Wall 2015.
This nearly marks my 6th year in the Hawaiian Islands. Fight over Export import- especially Filipinos attacking me, Chinese-Hawaiians trying to use shipping lines to run "independence guns", Yamaguchigumi wars aside from normal enemy status with my family in Japan, Israelis, and everyone else including the local born Feds and corrupt HPD has just been a NIgHTMARE.

Chinese Navy destroyer & navy are visiting and the "local born" Hawaii residents think that finding doppelgänger of yours truly is fun to mess with. Can't imagine who else they do this to, putting doubles near work places and gyms and outings. Rumour is that China has 5-6 doppelgänger of any person they want to replace in the U.S.

Chinese+Hawaiians working to exacerbate 
Pacific security with "revolutionary" actions against USA/ North America  & Japan. 
- this has been an immediate issue beginning with security trainer Olohei* Shane Kainoa Kekoakalani  Li, who asked me if I could bring guns to Hawaii in 2009. He ha been asking around as well as other small island nations outside the Pacific region. 
*In English, Olohei means a leader of the people.

Arms to run through South China Sea

Monday, December 14, 2015

USA is hunting bloodlines

I can't say I'm enthralled or even mildly delighted at this point. It seems the quest for genetic supremacy in the USA is more of a genetic "hunt" and not an outreach of understanding. Originations of African American genetic lineage are hunting the other mindsets of genetic survival. Control of media, film, English language and newfound storytelling 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Re: my ex-I'm biz plan

I definitely cannot be successful with Hawaii State & local federal involvement. I'm barely alive and surviving on Oahu. 
Definitely a project for Philadelphia, Ny, DC only. 

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Last night COF meeting

"People have withdrawn from nature, going over to culture. That means people have raised themselves only to be lowered. But we cannot manage without nature. Man doesn't have the right to withdrawal from it. Nature  is God." ~ Bruno Groening, "I give you a little wisdom of life on your way", pg. 40

Last night I received one "Schoolingletter" publication from our spiritual healing group leader. I have a lot to learn about going through this most difficult time politically, as I have been on the edge of having a suicidal bout the past week that stems from my knowing I will no longer influence my family's decisions, as I cease to exist in physicality. 
The onslaught of Hawaii being the American crossroads for international & domestic civilian, criminal, & military cultures is tremendous. And of course sorting political attacks against an American versus plain jealousy Amidst the novelty thefts by those from less criminally advantaged cultures is additional & unneeded adversity. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Facsimile Arming

Subversive university actions @ commencement closings. Military turf is campus.  China takes actions against Jews, Egypt, fascism.