Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Harsh Version- almost 41yrs

The USA  paid off Japan for post Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-bomb reparations. In American culture there is little to zero actual sympathy in the domestic culture, and the reparation payment seems to be justification for further actions to politically  tear and ostracize  Japanese women living in the USA and other Japanese from their home culture. 
It is widespread from Caucasian Americans to sexually dominate women unwontedly, African-American men to push us and pimp us, the local Hawaiians who feel justified in dishing out their new rendition of Americana on Japan because the American Masses are  numb to the difference between the pineapple-picking plantation Japanese and those of us who were raised with the Hiroshima political stigma and nuclear residual. the Vietnamese boat people who enjoy empowering themselves as pimps over single Japanese women who don't have a big FOB (fresh off boat) community for protection. 
The United States is full of liars who try and isolate Japanese women (regardless of education or family relation internationally) within their own subcultures because there is almost none who will or can legitimately vouch for us. 
Yes, USA men are scum just as much as the women are across all the American subcultures. I think it's sad that Japan keeps opening its doors blindly to world humiliation and defilement.