Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Taxi at court vs Honolulu City & County

The City and County of Honolulu has over 1,000 certified taxi drivers to a mere .01% approx. of City and County designated cab stands. The Honolulu Policing agencies are renowned for their corruption, illegal drug deals, on th DL death of citizens, loss of police reports, and yes;- excessively targeting taxi drivers for ticketing. It's almost impossible for them not to ticket cabs in Honolulu and particularly Waikiki just because the cab to public cab stand and Waikiki curbside ratios are so askew.
This is all despite nearly all hotels having private contract/agreements with one of the top 3-4 taxi/rideshare companies in Honolulu County. It's a walk-in trap to drive in Honolulu County as a driver. Plus, it's easy for the few families who control the old Hawaii Business network to single out 1st generation Americans and prevent them from obtaining other suitable employment in the future. This is largely based on the facts that Taxi business being a largely immigrant/1st generation American job field. And that the Taxi Stands authorized by the City and County of Honolulu are low in number. As well as the fact that most tickets for curbside waiting or doing the appropriate paperwork (which can take longer than 3minutes), or simply needing a break which is required on a long shift, begins at a misdemeanor level. 

Clearly, this off taxi to regulated stand ratio makes a vulnerable population of minorities in the USA liable and criminal at a high percentage for doing the City & County licensed job. This is of course if the city and county refuses to acknowledge that the majority of ticketing that Doesn't happen, does indeed make areas "authorized" cab stands because the police do not ticket at those locations typically.  The taxi business is largely Male dominated employment opportunity, despite "driver equality" in the civilian population.  There should be a cap on the number of Taxi Certificates without Private contracts where City & County of Honolulu permits those drivers to park and wait a fare in Waikiki and areas of Honolulu. 
I, as a driver hold personal liability whether the Taxi company I work for as an employee. And, as I have previously blogged, Oahu harbors a variety of businesses and conflicted interest groups to some private/and or public U.S. Interests.
There should be a County system that allows drivers to obtain a registered card to be allowed on the property of the hotel/resort area. This would prevent unnecessary ticketing and court dates and fines for changes of behavior and irregularity of police or property owners. And, would serve as a confirmation of no trespass by the taxi company and their certified driver.
For example;-  I, personally, would need specific permission from a hotel resort, such as Hilton Prince Kuhio, in order to be on their property especially after being generally told to stay away from Waikiki by the Yamaguchi-gumi interest.;- yet the company I worked for has taxi stands at their property that are common knowledge to law enforcement and generally is unticketed even when other taxis are using the stand.
However;- law enforcement changes their game" to the driver's disadvantage because it is convenient, the interest group behind the Hotel is calling a favor against said driver, and so it in turn can adversely affect and create more negative 
U.S. Foreign relations or security issues abroad. 

------ to be revised and continued 
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