Saturday, November 28, 2015

Paradise to a modern City scape

Most people fly, cruise, row, or sail to Hawaii in search of a peaceful and warm abode for a weekend or two in paradise.

My Morning Photo: Honolulu, Hawaii 

_______________________Like most women who get stuck here. I make enough to survive, but not enough to make up for the financial damage the men have caused due to lack of employment. I want to go back to life as usual on the mainland. That's aside from my business plans and how broke Hawaii state is -- so they try to extort my family stateside & Japan side for money so I don't get killed here. That's why they have shooters at meetings like APEC. Average people are horrible. The people they admire are worse.__________

- one woman I lived with was attacked at her job site taking inventory at the warehouse. The men cornered her and cracked her skull open. She made 70k+benefits a year. She has 3 Hawaiian children. She offered me the job. Of course I said no & remained the course of physical integrity. She left the island with her children for safety sake.

my experience with Photography law inside a state building:- 
- I went to the Honolulu DMV on Dillingham to voluntarily surrender the taxi license I had obtained for work I tried barely a month prior. The clerk informed me she could only issue licenses. So, I went to take a photo showing an attempt at surrendering my license. She got her manager and he came to the window told me that it's illegal for me to take photo of his employee. I told him I'm representing myself in court and that I can take photos to defend myself in court. He kept telling me the legalities of my photo taking on me, implying immediate arrest if I didn't delete my photo. I asked him, "are you an attorney?" And he stayed in silence, no response. I asked him, can you tell me what laws there are that will tell me that info? He said "you can go look it up."

The manager had to tell his employee that they do accept surrendered certificates. I tried to point out to them their requirements say that I have to surrender it if I stop driving for 30days. So I need to know where to surrender the certificate of they don't accept it.