Friday, November 27, 2015

My "duty" is OVER - it has been tremendously damaging to me

After a one month briefing and a hint that "my family" might need me to remain in Hawaii for 5 years -- No More Hawaii for me, please!!! Have mercy! 
 I received a January briefing before my February vay-k about how the Hawaiian islands are full of old Japan based gang enemies to my Most Imperial Japanese relatives and families;-
Most of The Japanese I met in Hawaii are   Pathetic critics of east coast life since they can barely stand to stay there more than a year or two at best. 
The other major issue I have with the Hawaiian born Japanese and Japanese green card residents is that they are collectively and individually pathetic & deplorably rude to me. This is not only because of my relation overseas, but they are completely insulting to my senses as I am accustomed to "dominant American cultures " of the East Coast and impacts of at least 14million other people who don't fly back and forth to Asia as frequently as Californians.
And then they fail to understand that I have some Caucasian upbringing that is a family tradition that skipped my parents generation yet was handed down to me.

My peer group in the islands is nothing suitable for Any business requirements and I have met others on their visits who give me more than tremendous awareness of their preparedness for future actual project(s).