Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Hawaiian depression

Trying everything I can to combat the mental drain of everyday sexual violence (verbal and financial) here that I didn't experience in New York or Pennsylvania;- despite being abducted 2x in Pennsylvania and being a survivor of sexual assault throughout college over 24 attacks and through my classical piano music career. It brought out my vigilante side. My old best friend and ex-boyfriend/husband as we called ourselves was definitely my rock to see me through. 
Hawaii falls way below the Bar of correctedness with its contorted men who have grown up seeing the exploitation of their mothers. It makes for a mentally terse place for me to exist. The saddest part of Hawaii is that the exotic dance clubs have some level of boundaries with men. The regular bars and nightclubs are chocked full of perverted Amer-Asian/Pacific Islander  men whose introduce themselves by molestation. It's not a compliment. 

Oko_ne to the Supuraute Fuera burogu!!! Lots of Veggies for all. Cooking, driving, piano, contracting gripes & glees...ribbit!