Friday, November 20, 2015

My Christian experiences

Every Sunday, my godparents took me to Sunday school. The Church I was baptized under was an evangelical Lutheran church in a small nearby town.
I was the older one of my brother and I. So aside from some children breaking my brother's toddler leg with a swift kick at a Unitarian church in town;- I took the brunt of the church abuse for a while.
My parents agreed to let my brother out of going to church activities in Junior high school after he begged them. It was after an incident where the pastor Craig Landis actually tried to strangle me in front of my mother and those in my confirmation class for saying the word Japan. A lot of the church abuse my brother and I withstood was directly because we are not white. 
There were several incidents daily that I was being shouted at like a prisoner undergoing brainwashing. They frequently shouted at me repeatedly, "you ethnics are going to hell" as all ethnics would under the Lutheran doctrine. 
Also at a certain point in Junior high the Sunday school instructor said I couldn't read the bible or say John 3:16 and sat me in a circle and tortured me the same time I could hear them doing something similar to my little brother (through the dividers). 
The church we attended was an above ground cover for the underground local white supremacy movement. They treated my brother and I worse than prisoners, despite knowingly baptising us. 
Years later immediately following my brother's death and that old pastor Craig Landis instructing my father to kill me & he's help him cover it up;- I was offered an opportunity. One of my clients, a Jewish pastor who made angel pins that went into Walgreens couldn't pay me in normal money. So instead of taking the equipment I was offered I asked him if he could u baptize me from the church. He said he had never done so before and came up with a ceremony to cut the cords that bound me to the abusive church. I used to come home and cry in my room after every Sunday school, plus all the kids I went to regular school with knew I was to be hated for my "race."
It was an awful place and my mother naively punished us extra because she believed that these people are the best people despite them hating her for being Japanese too. It was a horrendous ordeal for 17years. 
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