Thursday, November 19, 2015

my brother's death- head blown off with shotgun

Japan owns $1197.0billion USA dollars in debt. The average inbred homeland American whose reading comprehension is low thinks that they own Japan. 
So...what I have been forced to live a social experiment is absolutely unforgivable. especially after my brother's memorial service and his so called friends joking about beating the shit out of him because he is Japanese. My father & his friends silenced me from getting into a fight and then several people attempted to murder me, which exhausted me financially.
The White Pennsylvanians (clearly have strong white European supremacy) and my college schoolmates thought it was funny that another "dumb Jap" but the dust on the east coast. That's the crowd of Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers (as hateful of Asia and white supremacist in their progressive allotment of race") I had the most exposure to. The Americans  think it's amusing that my mother & I, & our family Akita woke up to the disaster of my brother's brains splattered in a family picnic area with a shotgun.  Apparently my father "found him" and then went to sleep until my mother found him. 
No, I don't have friends here in the states. The half Chinese and mixed race other Asians think it's amusing as well since they revel in Japan's failures.
41 years tomorrow of the USA is quite enough embarrassment and harshness. 
My aunt Junko should know my mother psychologically wrote me off as a representation of her Jealousy for Aunt Junko's beauty and refinement in Japanese society. I was born to an oil and water family;- or steel and steel that clash constantly.