Saturday, November 07, 2015

Me, an unregistered foreign agent

" insular" is the term used to describe the United States domestic view on international political interactions. 
I have worked on a international business project for over 30years of my life, which resulted in being abashed by Obama's Feds in the Hawaiian islands in the midst of my attendance at APEC's ABAC as a U.S. Representative;- meanwhile across the very vegan Buffet table was an arty an looking white asshole from Bucks county wearing his badge saying he represents Japan. grrrrrr.
So the rest of USA I've encounter aside from the endangered species of Customs brokers who introduced themselves to me ....expect Japan to send money to Me to start a corporation. That means that the USsa doesn't want me as a representative for them;- they are trying to force me into Foreign agent role that is to be utilized by the masses to instigate another War. Blatantly they want to seize funds and destroy their overseas contacts--maybe in ignorance. Yet, this is what I have gathered that they want( from legitimate established grassroots organizers who promote diversity from their progressive Caucasian presences  as well.) in ignorance or not-- it born out of sheer laziness and American might to lure the "naive" foreign immigrants to blackmail their home countries and families. However, this American Repor is not benign.