Sunday, November 15, 2015

Japan & Tokyo, PLEASe kick Out USA bases

The U.S. Military and its contractors have terrorized me since arriving in Hawaii. The Deaths of my sister and brother, as well as my fathers abuse of my mother were all prompted by U.S. military and their domestic White supremacist terrorists in PEnnsylvania. The African-American men only offer to pimp me out to other Asian business men or I don't have livable work here in the USA/Hawaii. I am quite certain this is all an attack on my Mother's family, as our deaths are communication to sever ties with Japan. I beg Japan/Tokyo to support removal of all U.S. Military bases.  
I am continually stalked and terrorized by USA men in military, domestic US terror groups, and other private citizens. It has been relentless over 40 years of my life. Please make it stop Nov 20th, 2015.

"It's hard not to say you U.S. Men are as bad as the Muslim Terrorists to my Japanese family."