Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Caucasian Vegans are patenting the Asian & Latin food markets

Keeping the peace and spreading the love among America's world rebound obese. As if they didn't consume enough to feed an African village, the Skinnier breed of Caucasian American, the European mixed white american has been patenting what they call "ethnic" foods. Is this a Fair and equal food market full of diversity? It seems highly unlikely since I rarely see an Indian curry made by anyone actually Indian. Most east coast Japanese restaurants & sushi bars are Korean owned. Then try to explain to a white vegan how rude they are telling me that animals should have more rights than minority "ethnics" because we are from countries that kill small animals like dogs. Though they don't see their own Agricultural meat industry as a "race or nationality issue." 

American vegans are more two-faced than anyone I have yet met. Plus they feel more justified to steal from other vegans especially yours truly because they are so white they don't think anyone will believe us if we say a word...because they have the perfect cover. It's a parallel to PETA actually euthanizing their shelter animals.
Even today I was thinking how silly it is and how pissed off the cats are at the humane society and no kill shelters;- their feral & left behind pet counterparts live freely outdoors and flourish. They are stuck in cages in ringworm infested quarters. Irony at its finest. White American progressivism does have its minimum is maximum  quota of "non-whites" to fill. Then take away and patent 3rd world recipes!!!!