Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Hawaii Security protocols? Any for Americans & Us military?

The Hawaiian "aloha" islands are a sub-tropical Mecca for people of every walk of life. Oahu houses everyone from the USA's homeless from cold climates to global elite Corporate mastheads. 
Lately, Waikiki is undergoing a transformation that doesn't support the American portion of Hawaii state's average working resident. 
We have escalated war talks between Asian nations whose citizens like to take holidays here on Oahu. Compact quarters, like those found on an Atlantic city shoreline, accommodate the entire cacophony of international tourists and military purveyors. 
My experiments like going shopping and being on a beach amidst Chinese National  tourists have resulted in them kicking me or trying to confront me after seeing my Japan flag stickers on my vehicle or person. That's just an aside from the multi-national passport holding  Israeli workers who arrive for the Holiday & big Wave season. I've learned the foreign nationals don't report crimes they commit against each other (such as stabbing) so they don't risk jail or being sent back to Israel.
In August, I quit my "Job" & working on think-tank mission altogether due to the escalating Yamaguchi-gumi war in Japan. 
Their Hawaiian local security "consultants" have approached me to stay out of Waikiki. Their warnings were followed up by Honolulu Police Department whose tax-base is Funded in part by Yamaguchi-gumi holdings in Hawaiian Islands. 
This Japanese turf related Gang has muddy borders with the local residing Korean and Vietnamese gangs who frequent the Islands. I'm clearly outnumbered, no matter what--we know this and is why even my parents make pot bets on my demise.
I went searching for an apartment in July and found much of the properties to be Chinese national owned. I was turned down or not contacted again as I am Japanese-American. ------>the Nationals of China are taking over the Hawaiian islands through state government contracts (such as the new rail system) with Hawaii's elite. 
Then, throw in Mexican cartel or at least big family types. 
This succotashish potpourri of people are making Waikiki an inaccessible pinnacle of luxury condos  appear on the Waikiki skyline. Every hotel will have its organized activities and some guests of other hotels may attend. Many of the common publicly owned American style bars and venues are rapidly vanishing from the Waikiki nightlife, never to reappear. The word on the streets rumor is this won't be suitable for Average American workers in Hospitality again until 2019 (at least). 
Homeland security and/or local police are running off rumors and payoffs. English based businesses are collapsing due to legalities being used against them by foreign gangs & anti-USA sentiment crowds. 
Hawaii state lacks a protocol to protect American interest amidst those of us who are private citizens. Hawaii is nothing like Philadelphia where DOD reigns and even I was protected for a period of time from my relatives attacking me on American soil. Even DOD in Philadelphia addressed me personally with my Japanese relatives potentially creating an act of terror (or war) against the USA if I was harmed. Interesting how such words don't have any consideration amidst the flotsam of Hawaii vacationers. So I'm wondering, in American slang--what gives?