Saturday, November 07, 2015

gOd- General Omniscient Dogma

I refute 11:11 2015
I cleanse my hands of the blood of Babylon and the Babylon demise, as well as those who perish from outside its borders. I am born of two nations and also have none, I am the blood of the Old Ones that migrated to 11 tribes who fought the coming of Babylon, yet I have no tribe, no nation as I was born not to any formal tribe except my own. Like the flem that graced the life of Joan D'arc, the United States as Babylon has made me a martyr of my Japanese family.
I ask for acceptance by those people around the globe. For solidarity in belief of a General Omniscient Dogma  that has caused our waters to be chemically polluted;- not a bacteria or virus that can be persuaded to leave. We shall live on the scraps of our creators works that are remnants of life here being connected to heaven;- and not far removed to plasticine idolizations. 2 B cont...