Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blog topics thoughts after Netpac@25 symposiums

Analysis of the American Impact on peer censorship of cultural identity language of Asian Nations and localities 
(as an issue from domestic USA discrimination of nationality and or Race)

• How does this impact differ in specific regions of the USA. Variables to analyze include education level, industry presence, population density, political parties. Gross geographic regions traditonally separated by history such as East Coast USA's;-- New England, mid-political Washington DC area, to Southern Eastern Seaboard states including Florida.
focus especially in areas for example:-
 ~ where Asian descent is only in 1% to .1% or less of dominant culture
~ and/or where there is a high per capita of higher education institutions such as Private or state funded Universities.
~ proximity of Human Rights Commission offices (if any) and what the radius is.

• How is this American impact on the USA's West Coast different? 
•How is the American Impact in Hawaii and other USA territories different? 

•In total, Does one geographical region impact globalism with Asian countries more than another through use of language or through peer censorship?

• Is peer/social censorship of the cultural specific Asian language in USA regions representative of government enough to substantiate changing Asian film language from culturally specific to globalism language in order to open and engage a conversation with audience that has only Eurocentric view from America-vocabulary of ideologies.