Monday, November 09, 2015

Apps draining card accounts

I've had a ton of problems with known hackers getting into my email and social media and leaving email commentary for me. I can think of 2off the top of my head one A.I. From Helsinki, another an original Rat pack member.
 I don't have any online privacy. However, now I'm finding that there were accounts set up with my name and identity theft that is erroneously appearing as my "old account" --accounts I was unaware of. And the accounts that I frequently used online/apps have vanished from my reach. That includes billing nightmares! 
it seems that one of the apps has piggybacked itself onto the data for of the OS system on my phone for ICloud account- where financial info is input. Every time the phone requests my fingerprint or ID I'm being charged $10.46 to my actual account. Then Apple turns around and says their software indicates that the transaction was denied or in que because of incorrect address information that their system chooses to re-populate. Regardless of their error reading the credit card charge goes through anyway. They say they haven't received funds;- yet the Credit Card company is showing multiple charges, some that were authorized and released, others that were only authorized to ITunes.
Yet Apple fails to acknowledge that there is an issue because of what their software says happened instead of the real life transactions.