Friday, November 27, 2015

Apple phone FuK'd me over eh-tee-tee

So. Today's task is for me to try and view a .mov video file of Independent footage that is still being "sold" in a manner of speaking. 
Problem, I only have my iPhone 5s that has been chronically hacked. Survived decimation of 2 Lifeproof Nuud cases that also had Hawaii sun & heat exposure. My several laptops have died out of extinction real. Due to balcony swan dives caused by Nuclear Engineer submariner tantrums, I'm guessing or presuppoposing M.I. Jacking of my hard drives, and TSA forcing me to surrender my carrying. All USA sinking USA effort because I'm me. How many ways can I say my own kind USA nationals absolutely Bloomington big SUX, without a friendly game of euchre and microbrews. 
I am left with generified not gentrified as word goo Apple Store wireless terabyte Formaluzed Bawlshert while having a second glawsss of  chianti to subdue my implant headache. 
Hawaii has been chrawnik-cally pein-full. 
And I am aht thee end of mawyee rue-ope. 
Hard SD vs wireless terabyte drive BS