Saturday, January 03, 2015

I am the peaceful intent of post-Hiroshima Japan&USA

So...welcome to Hawaii 

What I'm learning: welcome remarks to last year-- and Hawaiians and Chinese say they hate Japan--aside from intending to destroy me to force me to commit seppuku, hurt me, And V kill me. Being in Hawaii is the worst feeling I have ever had. Today I hear how they want to destroy Japanese American image further over what they allowed some Japanese gangsters to do in the 1980's in Hawaii. None of which had to do with me. And because there are so few Japanese-americans it creates bad image, and tries to make a new stereotype in the USA of Japanese and Japanese-Americans.
This is aside from the jealousy and hatred I experience coming from the Japanese-Americans and their families who went through internment. It is not fun to have to tolerate and be social under these conditions. not is there reasonable safety that is trustworthy.

3 families who apparently are against my very existence in Hawaii or otherwise--