Sunday, January 04, 2015

Past week/ month in Hawaii

The past week- I went to Gotdon Biersch where an old German man who lives @ North Shore asked me to have a seat with him as I was leaving. I didn't feel comfortable so I excused myself. there was an old ball peen hammer left next to my car--as if someone was thinking about breaking the windows. And when I got in my car after;- the console was left broken as well as the driver's seat. I think this may have been the old Mexican  landlord who was renting property from a Japanese family or since there was fighting the day after in the Israeli place I only heard about--something to do with them possibly.
For the holidays I was spending time with some of the Israeli workers who came to Hawaii to work the Christmas season as I was told.
Also, the place where I work now is nerve wracking, but I find most of Hawaii to be a bervewracking stay at this point--especially since I had planned to move back to NY and my mother suggested I stay in Hawaii due to the severity of lack of work and harsh winter in the northeast.
I'm making little money to survive in Hawaii well enough to have normal accomodations and comfort, but I am getting by despite the high cost of living. I applied for Public Housing in Hawaii after the trouble the U.S. Navy caused for me and the Judge said she didn't give a shit about VAWA. there is A 7-10 year waiting list for housing. I can't afford housing of my own, nor do I want to try and handle more sexual harassment from landlords or their bad financial situations that have affected my own.
That's aside from some other women who go around telling businessmen that they are me...which causes more problems. I'm on an island full of shitheads.