Sunday, January 04, 2015

Names I was told control all trade in Hawaii

not Japanese-American friendly and everyone had warned me they will send their HPD or boys n girls to kill me cause it's cheap and some of em want to run guns into Hawaii and other places. I've never met them;- but their people are around since they employ so many @ docks and I'm not sure this info is correct & have no safe way to verify it.
3 big families in Hawaii who control the ports:-
1. Bumpy Kanahele --
2. Co Wo
3. Larry Mehau (Mehai?)

That's aside from lots of other bs from the other Asian communities.
I try and stay away from Filipinos since they have been interfering and also watched someone try kill me (including a cop HPD) in their neighborhood. Not the 2nd time I was almost killed by someone and went to court after they reduced charges on guy 2x!!!