Saturday, January 03, 2015

Japan should charge Hawaii tax

even though the TPP applies to most of the Unites States;- there is an irrevocable difference between The island state of Hawaii and the rest of the United States. One is that the Hawaiian families who run the shipping ports and their families and "good ol boys network" do not have any respect for Japanese other than Yakuza. They do not respect those who are/were Japanese nationals with families overseas and force women from otherwise good families into 3rd world hostess bar prostitution and like industries. Aside from the high level of disrespect and a newfound "American patriotism" in showing such disrespect;- there are few real Japanese nationals who are in Hawaii and the generations of Chinese and Japanese who inhabited the Hawaiian islands since 1600's to 20th century are a bastardized version of what Asia intended Japan and/China to be. Hawaiian born are a bastardized Asia that lends itself to serve the U.S. intelligence community...much as Thailand harbors its Muslim faith.

These 4 centuries of Hawaii born families are not modern day politics.