Saturday, January 03, 2015

Japan & English as a national language

i can only speak from my perspective. Despite that and growing up with the US government stealing my nationality & Japanese language away from me at age 10;- I only know that the Japanese nationals I meet are not fluent In English in comparison to Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Koreans who travel abroad.
I feel that because I speak English- more people from other nations like Israel feel it is an opportunity to disbelieve that I am of Japanese descent. Then there is the inundation of insults coming from many other Asian nationals that I can't possibly be Japanese because I speak English. This is new experience since I have lived in Hawaii especially. It seems other nationals who come to Hawaii to do work and be a tourist see Japanese as the most gullible consumers to America's Hawaii state, and prey on them financially and sexually with insults to follow Japan around the globe.

The other downside(negative) of speaking English here since I am Issei/Nissei as common americans decide my circumstance as opposed to Japan law;- is that the depth of insulting Japan is magnified with my understanding of English.

So maybe it is better that Japanese are naive, trust their instinct, and don't fully (not fukly) comprehend the international scope of the limit to respect of Japan.