Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hawaii shoestring- getting slim

Waikiki Hawaii on a Hawaii priced shoestring as a woman $71-$100/day no apartment
Daily budget-- for daytime 9-9pm resting and care
$20 sauna & (usually for only women--and its a joke that guys go there and women hook out the back) for community sauna /shower/relax room/hot&cold tub/ready area
$10 mat session for rejuvenation - feels like sleeping 6hrs in 30min-1.5hrs
$ donation- receive light- mediation various religious organizations- like power napping
$30-50 Still eat out - from grocery stores or stands or low priced restraunts
$4 day for clean H20 drinking
$7-16 movie theater instead of TV can watch when eating out- various places diff channels
$3-7 coffee + wi-fi
$free - day go to Beach to nap & shower in public if budget is tight--not safe after dark.
Then there is night life to stay up all night if you can do this until u find a normal job that pays to rent a place and not worry about making rent.
There are no lockers @ mall any longer and I'm sure they will make it impossible
To continue like this after not too long. Hawaii is totally unreasonable and people renting still pay over $1000+/mo for rat infested apts. or mold coated roofs and ac systems plus utilities cable and food.

The hotels are better, but not feasible for much of anyone much past $1300/10days on the cheap plus food etc. So if ur in a bad relationship- no place to go- try the shelters, if they take you. But remember it's an island, and the guys are ultra creepy on expect to get bulldozed there.