Monday, January 26, 2015

Japan/USA eX-IM ship biz financial sunk with BOH "cherry"

everything I worked for, learned from private entrepreneurs on my time unpaid, and all else is flushed down the toilet by Bank of Hawaii. Though they had help from Honolulu Police Department's finest trainer for guns and martial arts, as well as a very well to do Narc & e-cig company owner. That doesn't include the Navy brightest who attempted to kill me in front of An HPD officer without any intervention in a 20min struggle for my life. Nor does it include the US Army and MI unit asking me to take the HPD trainer -also to court for abuses after HPD "lost" police reports and renumbered them. This is because the trainer raped me several times and held me against my will--though I have to comply to live-- and essentially threw me in the sex trade after robbing me of my money with physical threats and punishment included. This five years in Hawaii ends for me in 4.5 days. It has left me in destitute, homeless, and though I've sought assistance to leave here;- it is undesirable to stay. I have nothing & nowhere safe remaining in the USA.
law Enforcement here in Hawaii as well as possible mob linked Military members/civilian contractors sought to hurt and destroy private EX-IM  (as in export import )they have gone above and beyond their call of duty. I hope these forces are destroyed in return for their 3rd world politics in running Hawaii under the flag of the USA.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hawaii shoestring- getting slim

Waikiki Hawaii on a Hawaii priced shoestring as a woman $71-$100/day no apartment
Daily budget-- for daytime 9-9pm resting and care
$20 sauna & (usually for only women--and its a joke that guys go there and women hook out the back) for community sauna /shower/relax room/hot&cold tub/ready area
$10 mat session for rejuvenation - feels like sleeping 6hrs in 30min-1.5hrs
$ donation- receive light- mediation various religious organizations- like power napping
$30-50 Still eat out - from grocery stores or stands or low priced restraunts
$4 day for clean H20 drinking
$7-16 movie theater instead of TV can watch when eating out- various places diff channels
$3-7 coffee + wi-fi
$free - day go to Beach to nap & shower in public if budget is tight--not safe after dark.
Then there is night life to stay up all night if you can do this until u find a normal job that pays to rent a place and not worry about making rent.
There are no lockers @ mall any longer and I'm sure they will make it impossible
To continue like this after not too long. Hawaii is totally unreasonable and people renting still pay over $1000+/mo for rat infested apts. or mold coated roofs and ac systems plus utilities cable and food.

The hotels are better, but not feasible for much of anyone much past $1300/10days on the cheap plus food etc. So if ur in a bad relationship- no place to go- try the shelters, if they take you. But remember it's an island, and the guys are ultra creepy on expect to get bulldozed there.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Popular Secret Societies in Mainstream USA Culture

Recruitment to secret societies that are being made public in Mainstream United States culture...
Is furthering private agendas ...tbc

Popular Secret Societies in Mainstream USA Culture

Recruitment to secret societies that are being made public in Mainstream United States culture...
Is furthering private agendas ...tbc

Monday, January 05, 2015

International Law for 2015

There should be a new body;- that doesn't weigh smaller countries, governing bodies, and tribes as less than the USA. The USA can practically stand independent of the UN, except when asking assistance.
However, USA internal politics are very geared around destroying people (who are non-white European based) on an unequal playing field of values, in entirety;- as a trade for European based intellectual immortality through subsequent generations. The UN doesn't police USA's internal actions as a disrespect the Asian continent. Thus, despite USA trade deals with Asian countries, there is no cultural equilibrium that will happen quickly enough to avoid further future conflicts that arise from the intellectual intent of the Singular superpower on the planet.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

My I phone 5s--at Genius Bar again

Sitting at the Genius Bar in Ala Moana because my phone kicked me out. I just sent an email to my father and my phone went to login screen. It refused my fingerprint for login and then requested my passcode. My phone then rejected the 4digit passcode and locked me out for 1 min, 5 min, 15min etc.
so, being I wasn't home to wipe my phone and do a reset,- I had to go in to one of only 2? Stores on Oahu in Hawaii.
So sitting there;- I wondered if someone could hack a phone to wipe the fingerprint recognition and change the passcode;- then in the instance one goes into the Apple Store or home tracks u and could detonate a bomb in coordination with ones arrival.
I'm a little paranoid I suppose--anything is possible...I think Apple should have another protocol for phone service at Best Buy or mall kiosks...minus a strong room designed by Hensel Phelps.

Names I was told control all trade in Hawaii

not Japanese-American friendly and everyone had warned me they will send their HPD or boys n girls to kill me cause it's cheap and some of em want to run guns into Hawaii and other places. I've never met them;- but their people are around since they employ so many @ docks and I'm not sure this info is correct & have no safe way to verify it.
3 big families in Hawaii who control the ports:-
1. Bumpy Kanahele --
2. Co Wo
3. Larry Mehau (Mehai?)

That's aside from lots of other bs from the other Asian communities.
I try and stay away from Filipinos since they have been interfering and also watched someone try kill me (including a cop HPD) in their neighborhood. Not the 2nd time I was almost killed by someone and went to court after they reduced charges on guy 2x!!!

Past week/ month in Hawaii

The past week- I went to Gotdon Biersch where an old German man who lives @ North Shore asked me to have a seat with him as I was leaving. I didn't feel comfortable so I excused myself. there was an old ball peen hammer left next to my car--as if someone was thinking about breaking the windows. And when I got in my car after;- the console was left broken as well as the driver's seat. I think this may have been the old Mexican  landlord who was renting property from a Japanese family or since there was fighting the day after in the Israeli place I only heard about--something to do with them possibly.
For the holidays I was spending time with some of the Israeli workers who came to Hawaii to work the Christmas season as I was told.
Also, the place where I work now is nerve wracking, but I find most of Hawaii to be a bervewracking stay at this point--especially since I had planned to move back to NY and my mother suggested I stay in Hawaii due to the severity of lack of work and harsh winter in the northeast.
I'm making little money to survive in Hawaii well enough to have normal accomodations and comfort, but I am getting by despite the high cost of living. I applied for Public Housing in Hawaii after the trouble the U.S. Navy caused for me and the Judge said she didn't give a shit about VAWA. there is A 7-10 year waiting list for housing. I can't afford housing of my own, nor do I want to try and handle more sexual harassment from landlords or their bad financial situations that have affected my own.
That's aside from some other women who go around telling businessmen that they are me...which causes more problems. I'm on an island full of shitheads.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

I am the peaceful intent of post-Hiroshima Japan&USA

So...welcome to Hawaii 

What I'm learning: welcome remarks to last year-- and Hawaiians and Chinese say they hate Japan--aside from intending to destroy me to force me to commit seppuku, hurt me, And V kill me. Being in Hawaii is the worst feeling I have ever had. Today I hear how they want to destroy Japanese American image further over what they allowed some Japanese gangsters to do in the 1980's in Hawaii. None of which had to do with me. And because there are so few Japanese-americans it creates bad image, and tries to make a new stereotype in the USA of Japanese and Japanese-Americans.
This is aside from the jealousy and hatred I experience coming from the Japanese-Americans and their families who went through internment. It is not fun to have to tolerate and be social under these conditions. not is there reasonable safety that is trustworthy.

3 families who apparently are against my very existence in Hawaii or otherwise--

Japan & English as a national language

i can only speak from my perspective. Despite that and growing up with the US government stealing my nationality & Japanese language away from me at age 10;- I only know that the Japanese nationals I meet are not fluent In English in comparison to Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Koreans who travel abroad.
I feel that because I speak English- more people from other nations like Israel feel it is an opportunity to disbelieve that I am of Japanese descent. Then there is the inundation of insults coming from many other Asian nationals that I can't possibly be Japanese because I speak English. This is new experience since I have lived in Hawaii especially. It seems other nationals who come to Hawaii to do work and be a tourist see Japanese as the most gullible consumers to America's Hawaii state, and prey on them financially and sexually with insults to follow Japan around the globe.

The other downside(negative) of speaking English here since I am Issei/Nissei as common americans decide my circumstance as opposed to Japan law;- is that the depth of insulting Japan is magnified with my understanding of English.

So maybe it is better that Japanese are naive, trust their instinct, and don't fully (not fukly) comprehend the international scope of the limit to respect of Japan.

Japan should charge Hawaii tax

even though the TPP applies to most of the Unites States;- there is an irrevocable difference between The island state of Hawaii and the rest of the United States. One is that the Hawaiian families who run the shipping ports and their families and "good ol boys network" do not have any respect for Japanese other than Yakuza. They do not respect those who are/were Japanese nationals with families overseas and force women from otherwise good families into 3rd world hostess bar prostitution and like industries. Aside from the high level of disrespect and a newfound "American patriotism" in showing such disrespect;- there are few real Japanese nationals who are in Hawaii and the generations of Chinese and Japanese who inhabited the Hawaiian islands since 1600's to 20th century are a bastardized version of what Asia intended Japan and/China to be. Hawaiian born are a bastardized Asia that lends itself to serve the U.S. intelligence community...much as Thailand harbors its Muslim faith.

These 4 centuries of Hawaii born families are not modern day politics.