Sunday, September 07, 2014

Japanese American woman perspective- APEC from the USA side

Today I' writing after much contention as it was my goal and intention to create more peace. The people working against me and the intentions of my Japanese grandfather Kikuchi, Hirokatsu who was a Governor in Japan's Akita prefecture. As his granddaughter, I should be protected under provisions made by the Vienna Convention. However, throughout my life the USA has detained me from leaving to Japan and China by not only squandering my accounts, damaging and not delivering mail, but cancelling my plane tickets as they see fit.
 I was asked to leave Hawaii for the East Coast USA springtime 2014. However, since the Patriot Act created this hostile environment on the East Coast for me with Homeland Security;- I am unable to accomplish even small tasks and am fearful for my life.

 In the past near decade I have been assaulted financially, physically, politically, sexually by those who claim to work for the United States government, Navy, Army, Marines, CIA, not excluding US politicians with private interest in starting a war between Japan and China.   This includes men who claim they are connected to President Obama's personal security when President Obama visits the Hawaiian  Islands.  The total of the damage has left me poverty stricken & homeless in Hawaii since I was forced into the Hawaii Bar scene by a federal agent from a well known Hawaiian/Chinese family;- who also behaved as a pimp taking all of my earnings for most of 2 years; in order to instigate future lawsuits due to his family's pre-existing problem that compromises his role in a Security requirement of good credit. This is all despite my role within my international family & USA at Hawaii's hosted Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2011;- goal; to bridge and connect Japan &; USA (TPP) in a more peaceful way for a new generation of business leaders.

My daily life in Hawaii is less than desirable. Most of the 3rd & 4th generation Asian-Americans in Hawaii still speak with a speech impediment and out rightly show their Hatred of New York and laugh at the demise of the city for 9-11. I still wonder how it is that these people are even acceptably American as they direct their hatred at me for being raised on the East Coast. I may have been born with dual citizenship;- however I actually find New York state more of a home than other places on the Urban east coast. If I were to reside in Hawaii;- I would want to see already proven senators and representatives from Urban America make a run in Hawaii to bring it up to a modern speed. The antiquated Asian slavery and rights system this state still upholds in reality is heartbreaking.
Many of the "well off" Hawaiian families seem to sponsor Asian "mail order brides" and choose to work overtime on destroying sexual equality at most levels of their society. Personally for me as an American woman who lived with a female Republican senator who passed Roe Vs. Wade;- The business climate in Hawaii is incontestably sexist and harmful to my psychological and emotional health. Hawaii's business climate does not allow for differences to work to a greater end goal. It is very much about men controlling the women who have business interest. And, then the women here are petty and undermine each other due to jealousy and small mindedness. The men here have no respect, and most of the women here are bent into subservient Asian roles;- where even politicians are largely swayed to vote on bills by 'Cultural' preferences instead of American standards of equality and decency. I don't care to live in a state run by a Japanese-American