Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How terrorists get funding from US outsourcing

So, today I went to the North Shore with my old Krav Maga Instructor, who has a decadently Chinese-Hawaiian background since his grandfather donated the land for the Chinese cultural plaza in Chinatown, Honolulu. I have always felt he works against me because he is anti-Japanese in America despite our easygoing outward appearances together. And today he asked me about the time I met al-Qaeda or Someone who was close to al-Qaeda I was in Thailand at the time;- a friend had asked me to go with him for the trip. That is why I am posting this today on this blog. 

From my American perspective and with my knowledge: China keeps a clean slate while Terrorist groups fight outside the Communist domain. 
The vicious cycle that supports al-Qaeda  and like organizations makes money from outsourced US business to China. Al-Qaeda members will kill those who run business for American companies and then move the funds to support their terrorist organizations. This is done without much punishment in Communist China. Shutting down  USA EX-IM or an Embargo on China in 2005 and forcing Americans in the homeland to "make due with what got" for even a year or two back then would have cut funding to these terrorist groups. Instead they made money from our own "greed" and hit us in the back with military actions in the Middle East over the past 8 years. I learned this from a Chinese -French Muslim business man who sent soft goods(mostly clothing) to the USA and told me he feared for his life since his best friend was murdered by Al-Qaeda  in a business hit. Try telling the American public to go without indulgence for a little while? Sacrifice the "cheap goods from China" for sparing American taxpayers what we've had to go through in raising the debt ceiling, more military expenses that lead to military reduction, now ISIS (in Crowley terms "ISIS rides on the back of the Beast" and other independent terrorist groups that can and may ensue... Just embargoing China until security measures are refined and executed may not be enough. Shutting down the EXIM Bank of the USA for a while will help diffuse the attacks in the next 5 years by hopefully cutting outsourced funding. Simply passing rules to stop or cut back on outsourcing work to China would also suffice without affecting the rest of our international marketplace in a large way.

milk What?  
In 2005, I returned and drew up a single cell cartoon that had then president, George Bush with his image projected at a "holo-port" an empty port by the beach and various off-the-grid small business startups Floating "day-by-day". I attached the cartoon to some hand screened tees I made saying "milk what?" As opposed to our common phrase "milk it for all it's worth" After I sent it in to our friends at the FTPO for a $600 registration and a laugh.
They needed to do it almost a decade ago. It hasn't stopped;- they have to cut USA funding @ EX-IM level. Must, not just sanction or embargo. 

My trip after the big tsunami in Thailand of 2005
So the gist of it was;- I was left on my own for 25 days. I had gone with the son of a prominent USA nuclear weapons scientist. He & I are both civilians and split up after the 5th day of a month long trip.  During that time I had few problems, got in hiking, kayaking, and regular partying and game playing. One day I was out looking for some sunscreen and lotion at a store. The store clerk had gotten a phone call and I understood someone was asking questions about what I was doing inside the store. That day I had also worn my PETA shirt I cut up for the beach (not exactly Diesel or Armani popular for this island). So I attracted a lot of attention from the Muslims on the small island. Due to the tsunami I was instructed to bring clothes I could leave behind, for sanitation and disease control
Upon re-entry to the USA. They said they'd kill even my cats if I didn't leave everything behind, because of biological warfare concerns. I brought a lot of volunteer work & campaign tees, and made few purchases outside of food and spa.

Anyway, when I left the store, I was approached by a man on a moped/scooted who offered a ride to me. I had been walking kilometers each day from my secluded homey resort. He persisted and so I finally accepted a ride. I climbed on the back of his scooter ( main transportation for tourists here)
He took me back to the preserve where I stayed most of my 25 days left.
This island I stayed on had a few backpacker places with rooms including bed and shower and then a plethora of international 5 star hotels without anything mid-range. I believed his story about being a business man from China who was born French-Muslim and did international Export/imports from China to countries around the world. I had met several like people & families from different countries on this trip. He told me his personal story to success and  shared what he did about his concern for his own life being put in Jeopardy by his friend recently having been assassinated by al-Qaeda.