Friday, September 12, 2014

Driving in Hawaii, from an East Coast perspective

Driving in Hawaii is one of Thee WORST experiences ever. Traffic on the island is miserable if you are almost out of gasoline or your AC isn't erotically cold.

Where to Start with my generalizations from my observations;

  • Drivers behind me don't ever, seem to try- braking, and rely on saying they were "cut off". I thought this was odd and it seems that in Hawaii;- there is some commonplace local only law that says one is responsible for the people driving vehicles in back of you.  This sometimes leads to that driver stalking you home and slashing tires or keying cars or starting a physical confrontation which are common knowledge stories to bring awareness to the local rule.
  • Drivers don't follow the 4 way stop rules and create chaos;- particularly at places where they have purposely ill managed pedestrian walks and a lack of stop lights and Walk/Don't walk lights.
  • It's about 50/50 on how many drivers Don't use turn signals
  • Right turns on Red to get across 4 one-way lanes, especially onto King Street in order to make the next left. They could have really used a lesson in city planning that included usage of Jug handles.
  • Bicyclists don't seem to understand that to ride in a car's blind-spot is not a good idea;- no matter how much they want to curse and key cars in Waikiki. 

Why Hawaii State needs No Fault Tort...
The pedestrians are chronically annoying walking slower than a snail. When they see a car coming, instead of walking briskly across the street or a marked pedestrian walkway, they stop in the middle of the street and try to stare down the driver. Some more athletic pedestrians attempt to crash into your vehicle as it passes through the pedestrian walk.