Thursday, March 13, 2014

Turn of 2000 millenium: on USA progressives and organizations (draft)

  • In my synopsis;- I personally do not consider Caucasian women a minority group. The reasons for this is that they typically gain power by promoting values of suppressive groups in order to hold status. In charitable causes;- some of these women are housewives who have no immediate international family or have a working interaction with policymakers and business personnel. These women whom I have met hold racist values against non-white women and make significant attempts to derail some business initiatives out of spite and perceived nationalism.
  • Progressive organizations are typically run by a majority U.S. "racial" group
  • Have typically used minorities as unpaid volunteer workers and do not improve their individual situations by offering minimal pay scale wages.
  • Organizations run on an Image of Ideals and having these minorities join forces to support the organization.
  • In theory a reputable organization that upholds its values would need to be perceived as "revolutionary" since there is little to no funding available for "start-up organizations". In concurrence with this, it is nearly impossible for 1st generation minorities to gain suitable representation with the Patriotic stigma that has been created since 9-11 in foreign policy. This includes the Patriot Act and its revisions as well as the Foreign Agents act. 
  • These policies in and of themselves negate the US Constitutional ideals. The perceived enforcement of the Patriot Act and Foreign Agents act also contribute to a political Hostage situation in the USA of 1st generation dual USA/other country citizen(s) that creates boundaries in living everyday life to the fullest in the USA as a citizen. Even with travel abroad;- the USA's policies threaten their own citizens abroad. 
  • There is also a high level of disagreement between USA and other nation(s) as to the citizen status of various individuals- these various individuals being made out to be foreign agents or "different people with fake identities" by the US . government in order to instigate political upheaval within otherwise peaceable political settings and treaties.
  • "Invaluable to the Community" means that the suppressive groups that these progressive organizations join forces against turns into a dichotomy and tracking system of minority group women, 1st generation Americans, and others.