Friday, November 15, 2013

Honolulu Police Department- a private security organization "abducted me"

Honolulu, Hawaii-
The Honolulu Police Department seems to be a private security company that operates within various Counties such as Honolulu County in Hawaii. Though nostalgic, the Honolulu Police Department is not a typical State run police department. The HPD does seem to be a biased group of security/police officers who manipulate visitors/tourists such as myself in order to extract funds, extort families, and create international incidents after arrival to the Hawaiian islands. Some of the members of this police department and their outside associates have access and knowledge of who arrives in the islands and their relationships internationally, and are able to detain tourists without much effort or need of using any typical uniform or badge.

The case of reporting incidents to the HPD;- It appears that reporting is "accepted" however, records are conveniently lost, misplaced, renumbered, and altered by the HPD itself. This is in addition to any "appropriate" procedure that they may have in place being followed (meaning whatever they seem to see fit in doing at the time).

In the case of some serious felony incidents committed by members of the US Armed Forces;- I have found HPD to be part of that boys club. Instead of assisting a small female while bearing witness to an attack;- HPD will sit idly by and watch in amusement as if aiding the attacker/potential murderer. They claim they have the right to do this because they have no "liability". HOWEVER, they intervene as they see fit and are able to kidnap/arrest the victim of such a crime if the victim does not comply with their HPD demands of accepting huge hospital bills. So, in essence, if the victim does not survive;- HPD is in fact not a "good Samaritan" organization and in fact will assist the US Government in assassinating civilians and classify such attempts as "domestic abuse" without felony charges. I went through this this year of 2013.

HPD and my attackers have cost me my life's happiness and livelihood since my arrival to the Islands in 2009 for a 1 month vacation. This began with one of the police/federal agency/military security trainers picking me up from the airport, telling me they would force me to commit 'seppuku', and that they are looking for employment with my Aunt and Uncle 竹中、abroad. As a result of their "private policing" they have stolen/extorted most of my money that I earned after they put me into work at a Club 939 as a dancer/stripper for over 3years. I was left only with money to cover rent and minimal groceries after obtaining a cheap used upright piano. HPD and its associates--which encompass some old boys club is an atrocious organization that should not exist to police the civilian world.

 I have learned from other women on the Island that this HPD organization gains from the corrupted network of attorneys who compromise attorney-client privilege for consistent financial gain. This entire network seems that it needs to be torn down like a legitimized crime syndicate and have some restructuring in the 50th U.S. State that is more Constitutional.

In my case, I was tracked down online and before my arrival in Hawaii--where I was coerced into a relationship that was unwanted (some say I was abducted by the Security officers). This is now my 5th year on the Island of Oahu. I was a reputable piano instructor in NY and Pennsylvania, as well as a business/executive consultant. I am now emotionally and financially exhausted from these vigilante security officers damaging my career life and causing injuries to me.