Thursday, September 05, 2013

More "death threats" from Hawaiian community to me, of "Imperial Japanese" blood

I have 48 hours to make everyone who needs money on this island happy. That's all I was told.
Bad tingly feeling in my neck for past 8 hrs. the one feeling that says there is trouble.
All who know the island's politics and corruptness knows, that Hawaii State and its inhabitants deserved the M-16's at APEC 2011 because of how illegal the average culture and person is on this island.
Much peace to all who have shed light. Don't be my enemy...don't kill or harm...yet fight the good fight.
APEC, Good Works, Everything TPP...good luck... AMK out.

Military State Precedent

Less than 180 days, maybe 100 days away. Hawaii State Family Court oversaw judgement and forceable agreement that a 1st generation US citizen is required to leave the State. Agreement came due to physical and emotional duress (only disputable in like court system in Hawaii State) at the Will of a NSA and security training operative and Israeli trainer, like Mossad, and US Federal Agency combat trainer.

A 1st Generation US citizen and representative of the United States of America is formally and legally bound, due to other "disputable circumstances" due to fortune of Military and Homeland Security exploitation of citizen and duty to uphold their personal financial integrity to the United States of America... Beginning of precedence of Military State Totalitarianism. Despite any citizenship or correlation with any higher powers on the planet earth including GOD.