Thursday, August 08, 2013

Ultimate Mountain Apples Smoothie

Back to the drawing board.  Flowery, light, and sweet-- I made my first Ultimate Mountain Apple smoothie last night. The Mountain apples are so ripe and falling off trees. They smell like a light floral perfume that quickly dissipates and burst in a bite with subtle and pleasant sweetness and juice.
My smoothie this morning has changed after 17 years of the Ultimate Meal (that I have neglected for a 2 year stint here in the Hawaiian Islands.
All good. Back on the Ultimate Meal again...after Detoxing most of 3 weeks. Though I cheated last night with some Indian Tikka Masala Eggplant and Kashmiri naan...Oh the eggplant issue-- past Nightshade turned to modern GMO natural pesticide producing plant. I should be feeling better again in a few days with Intense vegan nutrition. Yes. In the meantime... less tampered with fruits like Mountain Apples and Avocado R 4 me.