Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's Holding me Back with the Business- Any Success

People ask me why it is I have worked so hard, only to have nothing. The most prominent reason is that I have not had the right men in my life (particularly boyfriends). There is great difficulty that I am faced with in trying to establish myself internationally. From my life on the East Coast and around Ivy Leaguers, I'm just some "poor ethnic" female to be exploited. No, i can't say any of the men I've met on the East Coast have done my life any international good (Business-related) because of their racist and sexist attitudes. I have no tolerance for these "progressives" and have even less for those who aren't even close to being "Ivy League progressive".

The men I've met in Hawaii are sexually interested to the point where simple harassment is actual sexual assault in a minor way. So, I have no use for these men either. Then, I have to put up with them insulting my life further for their belief and "traditionally Asian" value system of making sure there are few if NO Japanese female executives.

I'm being drowned in a sea of sexist men for whom I have no liking for, though I am expected to tolerate them for purposes of political civility. Probably a reason why my mother lied to Japan so much about our actual conditions of living on the East Coast.

Then throw in all the "white women" who tell me to "lighten up."... They are threatened by my good genes in aging and quickly oust me out of their community for their own insecurities. This is something even my real Aunts don't have to tolerate in Japan with predominantly Asian women and men around.

So, it seems that my existence alone is threatening enough to my so-called friends and foes in the USA alike. Let alone them actually stepping out of their comfort zone and having to put some faith in believing that I have a large and powerful international family that was/is willing to give me, a female, a rare opportunity in the Export-Import world. My "fellow" Americans are ruining what the American Dream and rights and liberties are about because of their Bigoted (if not war-like) actions and words;- by holding the metaphoric gun to my head. I have had no portion of my life that I can keep sacred away from the vulgar American public interactions I have daily. I am very weary of all of this, for the name of what? Peace? It certainly doesn't seem that anyone in the USA who I have met wants much Peace. They seem damn proud that they Nuked my mom's country  and mine of Japan when she was still in it. Their distaste shows in my deteriorated life. For that they are proud.

From my perspective, they are all sorry creatures-- my past boyfriends, friends, and enemies... for not wanting to EVER believe that they destroyed what they think is improbable--if not damn near impossible to occur for a more peaceable (not war-like) world.

Hillary Clinton never spoke about helping American-Japanese Asian women like me. She only spoke about helping 3rd world farm working women. For that, I think, the USA is bogus since they will rarely--if ever help an "ethnic Asian woman" in the USA. Especially helping me with a large trans-national family doing business.